ZOMG! Obama Didn’t Mention God!

Obama didn’t explicitly reference the Christian God in his thanksgiving speech!!!!

Maybe he didn’t want to exclude the millions who are Hindu, Muslim, Atheist, Wiccan, Agnostic and a thousand other colors of faith or non-faith. I mean, what is he – President of all Americans or National High Priest?

But oh boy are the loony-fundie Right butt-hurt about it. I mean, really butt-hurt.

Eventually the old white men in smoke-filled rooms will figure out that the loony-fundies are just another version of those whining about the “47%”, a movement that wants America to be about only them and to exclude everyone who doesn’t fit¬† – but that only really serves to make the Republican party unelectable because there are more of everyone else.¬† Right after that, those same old Mammon-worshipping men will realize they can gather an ungodly¬†smaller amount of money and power unto themselves if the GOP is unelectable and the loonie-fundies will be quietly sidelined.

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