Yemen’s Houthis seize provincial capital despite Saudi-led raids

Reuters, By Mohammed Mukhashaf, April 9

Aden – Houthi fighters, backed by supporters of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh entered the provincial capital of the mainly Sunni Shabwa province in eastern Yemen on Thursday, residents said, despite intense Saudi-led air strikes against the group.

Residents said local tribal chiefs and security officials facilitated the entry of the Houthi forces to the city of Ataq, where they took control of the offices of the local government and security forces compounds.

It was the first time that the Houthis, who hail from the Zaidi branch of Shi’ite Islam, and forces loyal to Saleh had entered the city, where the fiercely Sunni Muslim Awlaki tribe comes from.

The takeover brings the Houthis and Saleh’s forces closer to the country’s most prized economic asset, the Belhaf gas facility and export terminal, on the Arabian Sea about 160 km (100 miles) to the southeast.

Intense fighting reported in Yemen’s Aden

Medical supplies reach southern port city as Saudi-led coalition jets continue to strike suspected Houthi positions.

Al Jazeera, April 9

Saudi-led air strikes against suspected Houthi fighters in Yemen have continued for the 15th day, with intense fighting occurring in the southern city of Aden, where rockets have reportedly landed on houses.

The World Health Organisation says at least 643 people have died and more than 2,200 have been injured in the Yemeni conflict since March 19.

Tens of thousands of families have also been displaced and WHO has warned that the situation in the Arabian Peninsula nation is critical.

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