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Sean-Paul Kelley | San Antonio | December 17

The Agonist – As the title suggests, it does us all no good just to sound outraged and blog about something until the pixels turn blood-red. Action is required, real action. For starters, Matt Stoller at MyDD has a poll and after you’ve taken the poll he asks that you help in a way related to the poll. In that post Matt links approvingly to AmericaBlog who suggests two simple action items. Go do those. They are easy.

Finally, when you are done with that, might I suggest that you take worldwise’s advice and file a FOIA request on yourself.  

. . . the other day that we all FOIA the NSA as there are civil liabilities involved.

NSA Error Message:

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Sean Paul Kelley

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  • not working

    btw i have been so hip to these criminals and what they are capable of doing, that i pretty much assumed my email, phone etc. are under surveillence.
    i am a terrorist suspect, you know.  activism and all that…

  • The page is ok from here, humm Sean Paul.. You might interest them…. Have you noticed any new door mats at your home lately? lol

    Remember, spooks are people who never get any recogniton for their work, most of them get their recognition with a calling card. It varies… your neighbor door mat in front of your door, coffee  pot turned on etc…

    Once they retire, they like to use their middle initial in front of first name. such as W.George Bushee. This is how they recognise themselves. They have their favorite places in U.S to retire too.

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