Will US Republicans Renege on Paris Climate Deal?

It’s an exciting week for Earth. Ecology-minded citizens are enjoying the next best thing to Captain Planet himself flying in to set things straight: the whole world has come together in Paris to set pollution limits. The critical “2 degrees Celsius” mark has been discussed and endorsed. Painful concessions are being made on all sides.

But the provisions of the final draft expected later today must be enforced by separate bodies of the participating governments. Some can be enacted by Obama through Executive Order. But US Congress will be asked to vote on a set of mandates and funding bills that affect more industries than a world war. Republicans have a long track record of resisting even fractions of what is now being demanded. They’re sure to produce stacks of evidence that adhering to the plan would be ruinous to the American economy, a message we should expect from a Republican presidential candidate by Monday.

We’re entering a nation-defining debate for unprecedented stakes.

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