"Why Do They Hate Us?"

Ever yearned for the perfect answer to this question, the magical silver bullet guaranteed to make people pay attention? Well, look no further than this New York Times headline:

U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis

And the headline is complete with this wonderfully distracting and playful photo of Israeli propaganda leaflets falling from the sky.

The message? I’m not sure I want to deconstruct it to be honest.

Nota bene: Just in case the NYTimes shoots this down the memory hole, I’ve screen capped it, here.

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Sean Paul Kelley

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  • What created Hezbollah? The occupation of Lebanon! These people are displaced Palestinians from Palestein.
    The Gaza Strip has been occupied for over 40 years! These people have nothing to live for but to try to remove the occupying forces.
    I hear reports about how Syria and Iran are supplying primitive missiles to Hezbollah. They are trying to protect anything and everything they have left.
    How about the US supplying tanks, helicopters, jets, missiles, bombs etc. to an invading force?
    This is a version of David and Goliath, except that David’s sling has a broken string.
    Whenever I see IDF, I see IOF (Israeli Occupating Forces).
    My family denounced the Jewish faith in the early sixties because of Zionist actions.
    This problem can be solved if the Zionists would just stop their expansionism. Give the stolen land back.

    repressive governments mix administrative clumsiness & inefficiency with authoritarian tendencies.

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