What will sequestration do to your State?

The McClatchy News Washington Bureau published 51 links from the White House.  The links reference White House pages showing how the 5% cuts in non defense spending and the 8% cuts in defense.   March 1 is the deadline.  If Congress fails to make a budget deal, then robocutting will begin.  This drama is just the latest theatrical event to divert attention from the need to address real problems with the economy.  You never know, they may be screwed up enough to actually fumble their way into this nightmare.  See links to the 50 states plus D.C. after the break.

Alabama  Georgia  Maryland  New Jersey  South Carolina
Alaska  Hawaii  Massachusetts  New Mexico  South Dakota
Arizona  Idaho  Michigan  New York  Tennessee
 Arkansas  Illinois  Minnesota  North Carolina  Texas
California  Indiana  Mississippi  North Dakota  Utah
Colorado  Iowa  Missouri  Ohio  Vermont
Connecticut  Kansas  Montana  Oklahoma  Virginia
Delaware  Kentucky  Nebraska  Oregon  Washington
D.C. Louisiana  Nevada  Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida  Maine  New Hampshire  Rhode Island Wisconsin

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  • Ah, theater of the absurd gone mega! This violent dance between the republicans and democrats is actually become rather boring.
    But I guess children are easily entertained.
    They seemingly refuse to just grow up and assume adult responsibilities.
    But then what can we expect when we elect kindergartners to be in charge of the government?

    • The Tea Party folks are so delusional, they’re ignoring the people who funded them. The big corporate donors have to be pulling their hair out.

      It is a grotesque theater. There’s no excuse. It is the final gasp of the old system. If they do this, let it rip, it may start a collapse that can’t be controlled. Then they’d all be happy, more opportunity for hysteria.

  • If I were implementing sequestration, the first thing I would do is severely reduce staffing of air traffic controllers and security screeners at Dulles airport and every airport south of the Mason-Dixon line. Then I’d close down all military bases and anything to do with agriculture in congressional districts where they have an (R) congresscritter. Then I’d reduce staffing on anything that approves oil, gas, timber, or mineral extraction (including XL pipeline) to a single person who would write form letters informing applicants that their approvals are “pending review.”

    Furthermore, if they complained about it, I’d point out that those regions are net tax “takers” who haven’t been pulling their federal tax dollar weight, and that they elected representatives who campaigned on cuts like these. Why should states who contribute more than their fair share be asked to pay for services in states where the constituents don’t even want those services?

    • Great to see you! We’re talking about robo-cutting. Defense gets the worst of it. In Virginia, there will be 120,000 people out of work in defense alone on March 1, mostly contractors. I saw Lindsay Graham just mouth off on CNN. When asked if sequestration could be avoided he said, “Oh, sequestration is going to happen.” These people are sick. They have no concept of economic disruption, deprivation. Maybe we’ll see a new party after this. Christie can’t stick around long with these folks, after the screwing they gave him on storm relief.

  • The problem is that the overwhelming majority of the people want the war spending cut, while the overwhelming majority of the oligarchy want social insurance cut. The oligarchy has to keep creating crises to maintain their looting mechanisms.

    • Good point. I just saw Wolf Blitzer tell LIndsay Graham that he could save $85 billion right now by ending the Afghan occupation now instead of a year from now. Graham about choke – he said leaving in 2014 instead of now was the difference between success and failure. What a nihilist Graham must be to be able to lie like that.

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