Weekend Jukebox – Radio, Pain & Addiction

Been hearing this one on the radio from the classic rock station out of Victoria, B.C. that I get out at the job…, and finally got around to checking it out on YouTube…, and just have to share it here.

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Scott R.

A "rehabilitated" former logger and now a "wannabe" cowboy..., and writer. Living and loving with my drop-dead gorgeous wife Julie here on our "Ranch"..., on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula of Washington state..., with our three horses and too damn many dogs, cats, and chickens.

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  • Thanks, Scott -I’ ve been feeling nostalgic about the old jukebox thread- though not enough to start one 🙂

    I’ve heard SOB quite a bit lately on alternative radio. Certainly a wakeup song for me!

    Turns out he’s been out there, not that I knew, as a quieter folkie, for some time:


  • Yeah, I kind of like thinking through the songs I know with a theme in mind, and seeing what other people have in their collection.

    Johnny Cash did a great version of Trent Reznor’s pain and addiction song.

    For the real radio-friendly pop-rock, there’s Pink.

    And Hootie and the Blowfish did one that’s really like the other side (Al-Anon?) of Pink’s problem.

    • It Ain’t A Real Friday Nite…,
      but it will do since I have a holiday at the job tomorrow.
      Damn…, that means I have to work on The Ranch tomorrow 🙂

      Great set nihil…, Dave Alvin gets song writing credit with Tom Russell for this one…, couldn’t find a version by them…, but this guy does it decent justice:


      Turned south on Highway 90 – sky began to clear
      Black mountains out ahead, a red sundown in the rear view mirror
      Haunted by her dark wet skin rollin’ next to mine
      I swore that things would change if I could hold her one more time
      On the Rio Grande
      Down the Rio Grande.


      I bought a bottle in Del Rio and I pulled out off the road
      I spent the night a-starin’ at the lights of Mexico
      I walked down to border bridge about the break of day
      I threw that empty bottle off and watched it float away
      Down the Rio Grande
      Down the Rio Grande.

      Now I’m on my way to Brownsville on the Gulf of Mexico
      Just like that empty bottle I may sink or else I’ll flow
      To the river’s end
      Down the Rio Grande.

      And nobody hurts quite like Jackson Browne:


      Here come those tears again
      Just when I was getting over you
      Just when I was going to make it through
      Another night
      …, without missing you.

  • Hey Steeleweed…,

    I may be remiss…, have you posted this one by James McMurtry previously?


    My apologies if I sluffed it off…, missed it…, but…, why the hell not, if you didn’t?

    Been feelin’ a bit Peter Pan-ish lately myself partner 🙂

    And I say again…, “I love Pandora”

    Beer cans to the ceiling
    ashtray on the floor
    laundry on the sofa
    need I say more

    Lets go chase tornadoes
    just me and you
    you don’t often catch ’em
    but man when you do

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