Weekend Jukebox: It’s Elemental…

Hopefully, unfussy music on  simple, important elements of our lives.

If that doesn’t appeal to you musically, give us what does.

Post away…..

Wave Bye Bye by Jesse Winchester

RIP Jesse, who died Friday.

Winchester, a war resister, made a life for himself in Canada in 1967, but came back to the US to work and eventually to live after President Carter’s amnesty (imagine a President doing that today). The NYT obit calls him a “writer and singer of thoughtful songs”.

Rock Me Baby by Big Mama Thorton
At this performance, in 1971, Thorton was thin, in poor health, and barely able to walk, but she kept right on performing for another decade.


The Waters of March  by Antonio Carlos Jobim
(at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 1986)

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  • Elements, Canada, coming of age — when I was coming of age, we all got cheap acoustic guitars from the pawn shop and learned the chords to pseudo-folk songs like this:

    It was a great time to be coming of age if, like me, you like music but are utterly talent-free.

    Anyway, then folk song writers got more expansive, but still unfussy, I think:

  • Stevie Wonder: All in Love is Fair

    Nina Simone – Black is the color of my true love’s hair

  • What could be more elemental than an old front porch? This song has wonderful visual imagery that is also extremely obtuse – who else do you know that compares a porch to a “big old red and white Hereford bull”?


    The inimitable Lyle Lovett singing the elemental, “This Old Porch“.

    • oh, don’t give me too much grief on “elemental”, Skriz. :-)

      I didn’t want “elementary”(my Dear Watson) or fundamental. As I went through whatever synonyms I could muster, I decided- better go with this than spend three hours coming up with something else no closer.

    • Thanks. To me,it’s always been one of his perfect songs- even in Reno, even with those weird “sleighbells” they’re having a good time with.

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