Weekend Jukebox: Earworms

What’s your earworm today?

Blue Eyes Cryin’ In The Rain.
The Water Is Wide.

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  • Thought Long and Hard…,
    about making the 12 hour drive “back home” to Idaho for the long weekend. An old partner that I ran with through high school and after on the timber trail all the way to Alaska was going to be there. He stayed up there for some 20 years and planned to make it “home” this weekend. Sad to say I didn’t make it…, but it would have been A Fine Fine Day (for a Reunion)

  • Bad quality audio on all of these, sorry:

    With the Biker theme already drilling out my brain, didn’t take much to
    come up this oldie , for one:

    Richard Thompson: Vincent Black Lightning
    Having just spent two beautiful sunny but very chilly days up in Cambridge , this late spring song came to mind:

    So many great vocal and instrumental versions.
    Here’s Nina Simone– a bit less melancholy than most:

    Spring is here
    and soon: the Ramones: Rockaway Beach

  • Hit the road, Jack! I’ve never learned the lyrics, so the chorus just keeps running in my head.

    Dire Straits have a number of bouncy songs whose choruses from time to time keep running through my head — Portobello Belle, Money for Nothing, Walk of Life. Here’s another one where I haven’t learned the verses, so the chorus stays with me.

    And staying with a travel motif, don’t you leave a place you want to leave singing, “Like a bat out of hell, I’ll be gone when the morning comes.”

  • Stepping Out – Electric Light Orchestra

    Out Of The Blue was one of my early album purchases. Though my tastes wandered over the years, I recently purchased the remastered 30th anniv edition, that includes a couple extras. Time has not diminished it’s lustre!

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