Vote Fraud

There are a number of organizations working to fight vote fraud this Tuesday. The one I recommend calling if you have problems is Election Protection because they have live operators who can help on the spot, and they have lawyers in every state ready to head out to the polls if necessary.

Election Protection: 1-866-OUR-VOTE

If you’re not sure where your polling place is, call: 1-866-MYVOTE-1

More Notes on Vote Fraud after the Jump

The problem with vote fraud is simple ”“ once the numbers come out no one wants to investigate. Even when we know beyond a reasonable doubt that there was fraud, it’s very hard to reverse.

What You Can Do

Audio, visual or video evidence is the smoking gun. If people are being hassled by off duty cops, record it. If the machine is causing problems, record it. Take pictures if there are excessively long line ups and upload them on election day, as soon as you can. Get them to your favourite bloggers and we’ll flog them. Slap up a diary at Kos, stick them in a diary here at the Agonist and we’ll front page them and get them out. If you have video, get it onto YouTube.

What Campaigns Should Do

Rule 1: If it looks like there is widespread vote fraud, state that there is aggressively, accuse them of everything they have done, and do it on the record through the day. Election days are oddly news free for most of the day, as everyone is waiting for numbers to come in. This will be particularly true this year since there are few exit polls. You can make a story. Do so.

Rule 2: Connect the dots for the media. Campaigns that commit vote fraud usually have a history of shady dealings. Make sure you have a timeline and a story about all the shady things they’ve done in the past, so this isn’t a one time thing, but part of a pattern.

Rule 3: Never concede, declare victory if it’s evenly slightly close. If you concede, it’s over. Period. If you declare victory the story stays alive and you have a better chance of getting a real recount. ”œAll the votes deserve to be counted” does not work, we’ve seen that multiple times. Declare victory.

Finally ”“ Republicans will be declaring Democrats are committing widespread voter fraud. They are already setting up their narrative for it. They will be attempting to set up a ”œeveryone does it, not just us” narrative. Remember that the best defense is a good offense. Take all the ammunition you have, if your campaign is subject to voter fraud, and hit them hard with it.

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  • Associated Press

    Washington—Republicans and Democrats sent thousands of volunteers to states with the most contested races to work phone banks and canvass neighbourhoods to turn out voters for Tuesday’s midterm elections.

    The greatest obstacle for both parties is the historical tendency for voter turnout to be mediocre in off-year elections. For those who do vote, both parties have put together legal teams for possible challenges.


    The number of ballots cast historically is low in nonpresidential year elections, with only about 40 per cent of U.S. citizens of voting age population going to the polls.

    Source: Globe and Mail


    40%, that figure speaks volumes!

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