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Oxblog thinks that Liberal blogs aren’t writing much about the Middle East crisis because we’re scared of the left wingers who will descend upon us if we say anything even remotely supportive of Israel.

Clearly, something else besides complexity is preventing liberal bloggers from writing about Israel. I would suggest that there is a part of the online left which is so viciously anti-Israel that moderates have been intimidated into silence. Let’s hope that this kind of viciousness never migrates off line, where it might threaten bipartisan support for Israel.

First of all – plenty of liberal blogs have spent a lot of time writing about the war. Check out… such minor bloggers as, oh Atrios and Billmon, amongst others. Second of all no one is scared of the anti-Israeli left. What are they going to do, call you an anti-semite?

No, there is no fear of an anti-Israeli left, if there was any fear it’d of being called an anti-semite – that has real consequences and once attached to a public figure will follow them forever. Sure there is an anti-Israeli left. But it has no power or influence of any kind. If you don’t believe me check out the lop-sided condemnations of Hizbollah and blank checks written for Israel to bomb the hell out of Lebanon written and passed by the House and Senate with broad bipartisan support. Pelosi couldn’t even get language included which asked for both sides to limit casualties.

So no, left wing blogs haven’t avoided the subject out of fear of some anti-Israeli left. If any fear was involved fearing such a powerless toothless group would be beyond stupid. Noticing, howerver that the pro-Israeli lobby is very powerful and very willing to use the anti-semite card and that that carries real consequences… that would be smart. But as far as I can see no bloggers have buckled under to that fear either.

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  • is to assert a non-existent phenomenon and blame your opponents for it.

    I think that’s what’s happening here. Since there’s oodles of commentary on this Second Lebanese War of Israel’s the question of why there is no commentary is logically vacuous.

  • Bipartisan support for Israel.

    Maybe the question is how does the US use Israel? What is in it for the USA? Does the US government feel sorry for Israel’s people? Fat chance!

    Think about Beirut and what it used to be like in the old days; long gone. If there were no Israel, then Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan might have used the old Lebanon as part of a paradigm which might have joined together those countries years ago to create a vivacious and prosperous Middle Eastern culture. Then Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the other oil rich contries one-by-one might have opted into that and, well wait a minute, they would have their own market for their own oil and they might become a challenge to the US and European cultures in so many ways. The US keeps Israel there so that no Arab culture arises that will challenge the US for said culture’s own oil. Israel claimed and uses the regional water resources and destabilize the neighbors so that nothing good can happen in the region. It is and has always been the US “using” Israel; not the other way around. It is simple Geopolitics. So here is one liberal opinion and I’m not bashing Israel; they are simply another puppet of US.

  • I don’t see the anti Israel left attacking as much as rightwing blogs. Its also obvious Oxblog doesn’t read here. I think we have proven that the various angles of this event can be discussed without letting venom rule.

  • What is Oxblog trying to say, that we’re afraid to say positive things about Israel? Nice place, mostly nice people. Bit of a problem with belligerent neighbors. Probably they could handle things more amicably, if their rightwingers would put their military dicks back in their pants.

    Same could be said of the belligerent neighbors, most of whom also are nice people, under more pleasant circumstances. Again, things would be better if their extremist leaders quit acting so belligerent.

    Speaking of which, the biggest military dicks in the world are right here in America. Military Dick Cheney could use a few etiquette lessons, as could our military deserter president, George Bush. George could set a fine example by closing his mouth when he chews food, then showing a little respect for other countries’ leaders, even ones he doesn’t like, like Saddam Hussein.

    Fine examples seldom emerge from the Bush administration, which seems to see every situation as a chance to slaughter people or bilk the US Treasury of more billions. Preferably both.

    Too bad our allies are following suit in Lebanon, more fools they. But still, nice place, Israel, and mostly nice people. Mostly nice people in Beirut, too, but the place is taking a pounding. I really wish Israel would stop bombing Lebanon, because they’re just creating another generation of people that will want revenge. That’s not in the best interest of Israelis or any other people.

    “Death before being dishonored any more.” – Col. Ted Westhusing

  • which says that lots of evidence for Likudnik meddling in setting America’s course has been detected.

    And then there’s me thinking they both think they’re very clever thinking they are manipulating each other – while in reality the defence contractors and oil interests and industrial and finacial interests buy and sell politicians like Barbies, and policy like toilet paper, and laugh all the way to the bank.

  • Try to invoke to support for Israel’s actions by inferring that supporters have been cowed into silence. State some blindingly stupid thesis and then challenge us to refute it. Sorry, no sale.

    I don’t support any country that indiscriminately bombs buildings with children unable to escape harm’s way, blows up their parents driving the vegetable truck to market and then launches missiles at the ambulances that arrive to take them to the hospital. I don’t support cluster bombing residential areas and then strafing those who come to collect the dead before the dogs feast on them.

    My lack of support for Israel’s actions have NOTHING to do with fear of being attacked here or elsewhere. There is NO justification for their actions, bi-partisan or otherwise.

    If this is what it means to be an Israeli, I’m glad I’m not. It’s bad enough to be an American these days and the laughing stock of the world under our current leadership. Waking up each day viewed as a war monger because of the Country of Origin on my passport is getting very old.

  • America the great charity organization gives billions to a little country in the Middle East so its poor beleagured people, ravaged by WW II, will have a place to live. Uncle Sam is such a kindly old man. Give those Israelis lots and lots of guns so that they can carve out a homestead amongst the savages. Of course Brooklyn has always governed US foreign policy. Wealthy American Jews have more influence than the big oil companies and trump that of American business when it comes to Middle East affairs. Foreign policy about Israel and the Middle East is not about oil folks! No, no, anybody who thinks that is a meshuggener. You are all making total sense; NOT!

  • Of course Brooklyn has always governed US foreign policy. Wealthy American Jews have more influence than the big oil companies and trump that of American business when it comes to Middle East affairs

    Sounds like a good start for a “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” for the 21st century. You must have seen it somewhere, it didn’t come out of thin air. If I were a democrat Brooklyn Jew seeing that written in public, even in jest, I think I might think about writing a check to AIPAC the next morning. You never know when the rocks start flying through the Brooklyn house, the world close its doors again, and you’ll want a place to go. Anti-semitism is a self-fulfulling prophecy.

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