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The Jehoshua Novels

Truth In Politics, Lobbying Edition

In the course of a great couple of pieces on the for-profit college industry’s lobbying efforts – trying to prevent any legislation that might halt their making money from substandard education and exploitation of their students – Zaid Jilani turned up this gem from former Bill Clinton advisor Doug Sosnik:

“Members of Congress are not always great leaders,” said Sosnik. “They are terrific at seeing when a line has formed and going and getting in front of the line. There’s nothing that politicians are more interested in than themselves and keeping their jobs.”

Never truer words spoken, and all that jazz.

Sosnik also praised fellow lobyist and ex-Bush apparatchik Sara Fagen for telling the assembled for-profit college bigwigs they should emulate the campaign she had orchestrated in connection with the Employee Free Choice Act. Fagen admitted she’d astro-turfed Dem candidates with a fake grassroots campaign so that when they were elected “they were in our corner.” Both advised the sub-prime school industry to copy that tactic. Trent Lott, another lobbyist making big bucks from the industry, advised them to stop targeting veterans so much, in case reports of abused veterans convinced republicans like McCain to drop their support.

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