Trump as McCarthy (Tailgunner Joe, not Clean Gene)

I’ve been reading David Halberstam’s “The Fifties” and listening to Haynes Johnson’s “The Age of Anxiety”. Both have long, detailed histories of the rise and fall of Joe McCarthy.

I’m struck by how much McCarthy and Trump are alike. Both are really “all about ME”. Their hobbyhorses, communists for McCarthy and illegal Mexican rapists for Trump, are just ways of getting attention, especially from the press. No covert dog whistles for them, they just came right out and said it, because they knew it would get them the attention they covet.

Fortunately, McCarthy never had the money or back room Republican support to run for President. On the other hand, billionaire Trump has his own money, and as long as he keeps the Tea Party base, is happy to crush established Republican politicians who get in his way.

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