Today In Crappy Defense Procurement Decisions

An F-22 has crashed in South California –  $190m that US taxpayers won’t see again, in a $71.6 billion program to build an aircraft that can’t even reliably deliver oxygen to the pilot.

The US Air Force has at least scrapped its Enterprise Resource Planning software project after spending US$1 billion, concluding that finishing it would cost far too much more money for too little gain. It’ll now keep using the old systems, which apparently work just fine, until at least 2017.

But remember, defense spending is sacrosanct on a bipartisan basis. Social Security and Medicare will now need to be cut further …

Just in case you were wondering how other nations do things, though – the answer is “just as badly”.

Slow, leaky, rusty: Britain’s £10bn submarine beset by design flaws

 Bonus Read: A “red team” of US Navy hackers managed to hack the maintenance systems of the F-35, the most expensive fighter plane in history. But don’t worry, the US is the only country that has hackers…

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