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Things to make you go “Hmmm”, part umpty-billion, from Think Progress.

a new study from Fairleigh Dickinson University suggests that so-called birthers are far more numerous than previously thought. Sixty four percent of Republicans polled by the university’s PublicMind project said that it was “probably true” that Obama is hiding details of his personal history, including possibly his birth place. Also polled were the conspiracy theories that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job (25 percent of all respondents said that was “probably true”), that President Bush stole the 2004 election (23 percent), and that Obama stole the 2012 election (20 percent).

The survey found that 75 percent of Republicans believe at least one of the conspiracy theories that were polled, compared to 56 percent of Democrats who believed at least one of the four. Interestingly, while the overall likelihood of a respondent believing at least one of the conspiracies was inversely proportional to that individual’s knowledge of current events, Republicans who were more informed were also more likely to believe in the conspiracies.

I wonder how Libertarians or Greens would have polled? The press release from the pollsters says “Groups that feel more distanced from the political process are more likely to believe that sinister forces are at work … These figures tell us more about a lack of trust in the political process than acceptance of particular conspiracies.”

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  • The interesting story I heard (no proof) was that Obama’s birth certificate reveals his mother wasn’t married thus rendering him a bastard (in the old, unkind parlance). McCain discovered this before the 2008 election and arranged with some other Senators to bury the fact because he didn’t believe it was fair for Obama to suffer politically from a problem not of his own making. Which was a very decent move, I think. Anyway, that’s possibly why the certificate keeps coming up as a fake. It is. Just not for the reason the Wingers say.

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