Throwing Supporters Under The Bus – It’s Easy If You’re A D.C. Insider

You really should click on over to AmericaBlog to read Gaius Publius on what the DC insiderers have decided is a great deal for everyone the care about: Obama’s fiscal cliff frame: “Let’s each kill one of our own”.

Politico discusses the Klein-described deal, and in the process, confirms that this is where the discussion is being had. Politico’s first sentence (my emphasis):

The script for a fiscal cliff deal was always supposed to be simple: Democrats would win on taxes. Republicans would win on entitlements.

It’s that simple. Politico is DC insider-central on this stuff, especially when they offer throw-away assumptions like the one above. The rest of the article details how small a deal Republicans are getting — the knife cut Obama delivers to Medicare may be mainly symbolic. Fair enough. On the taxes side, the compromise tax-cut agreement may also be symbolic, as I noted in my earlier piece.

Again, the skeleton of the Obama-Boehner bargain is a mutually-agreed betrayal — “You kill one of yours, and I’ll kill one of mine.” It’s a mutual “Et tu, brute?” moment.

GP also reminds readers that  “Obamacare is privatized medical care. It forces citizens to buy medical insurance from private insurers — like United Health Care, for example — instead of offering single payer government insurance, or even a public option to compete with private insurers.” So anyone from the DC insiderer set that tells you not to worry, the less affluent affected by any cuts to Medicare will get folded into the ACA, is advocating privatizing a public healthcare plan. Don’t be fooled by their three card monte spin, it’s just more of the same old.

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