This, on the other hand, I think we’ll file under B for “bad idea”.

Kerry hints at possible GCC-Nato security partnership

Taimur Khan | April 8 | The National

Abu Dhabi – In the run up to Barack Obama’s summit with Gulf Arab leaders later this month, US and Gulf officials will discuss the possibility of a GCC security partnership with Nato, as well as “economic transformation” in the region, US secretary of state John Kerry has said.

Mr Kerry met with his GCC counterparts in Manama on Thursday evening to lay the groundwork for Mr Obama’s talks with Gulf leaders in Saudi Arabia on April 21. The Saudi talks come a year after the Camp David summit convened by the US president last May to reassure Gulf leaders about the Iran nuclear deal and agree on areas of strengthened security cooperation.

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[Comment: I get the reasoning behind the GCC (and even generally support the idea, even if I think it fortunate that the worst daftness of most of the folks involved is limited by their staggering lack of capability), but tying our principal security alliance to this is not, IMHO, a good idea. ~ JPD]

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  • As an aside, it does occur to me that this development, from the same outlet may presage some significant developments in Iraq and/or Syria. Time to dust off the SOFLAM procedures [particularly the battery changes, IIRC] methinks…

  • This region is getting to be confusing. I understand the Sunni-Shia divide; the aspirations of the Kurds vis-à-vis Turkey; Israel’s illegal expansionist moves in Syria and the West Bank; the plight of the Palestinians; Isil; Western interest in Syrian oil etc, etc.

    But the GCC security partnership? What do they want? Secure from whom and what exactly?

    Following the summit, the United States and GCC formed working groups that have met during the past year to enhance cooperation on integrated GCC ballistic missile defences, maritime and cyber security, counterterrorism and military preparedness and a streamlined process for defence sales.

    Is this perhaps a mere business move by the US military/industrial complex for whom diplomacy is by far the biggest enemy?

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