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of rants and raves about the situation in southeast Oregon at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Most deal with limited focus on certain aspects of the situation that relate to the authors leanings…, whether they be left or right. Our old friend Neumarian gives the best, well rounded, assessment I have read in, Bundy Brothers Initiate War With U.S. Government. Right on partner…, write on.

Here’s a teaser or two for ya:

Where are they going to get food? That was the first question that came to mind when a group of self-appointed “militia” members seized a small federally-owned nature preserve tourist center in southeast Oregon this week. When you announce to the world that you are prepared to spend years illegally occupying an isolated outpost in Oregon scrub country, and that 100 or more patriots are there with you, the Bundy Brothers – Ammon, Mel, and Ryan, who were begat by the infamous scofflaw Cliven Bundy – had better have a clear idea how all these people are going to be fed.

But in truth, the Bundys are only “We, some of the people.” They have followers throughout the Western states, where as much as 80% of the land in some states is owned by the federal government. Their followers include cattle ranchers like them, who find it difficult if not impossible to get leases to graze their cattle legally on federal property. These leases are like gold. The federal government charges less than $2/head for cattle grazing under a lease, whereas the open market charges $15 – $18/head for grazing rights on private property. You would think that right-wing conservatives would honor and respect the glorious rectitude of “the market,” and deny themselves grossly-underpriced leasing privileges. You would also think that these conservatives would demand as well that the government set its lease rates at market prices, given the desperate crisis the nation is facing with its enormous budget deficits. This is a crisis which has prompted all manner of cutbacks in benefits to poor people, plus deliberate finagling with inflation statistics so that seniors are deprived inflationary increases in their Social Security checks. You would think these things, but personal greed trumps conservative principles every time, to the point where the Hammonds, the Bundys, and ranchers like them believe that it is their God-given right to take control of federal property and graze their cattle for free.

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