The Tiger Breeze

Great news that has to be shared. Through the kind efforts of Just Plain Dave and Quiet Bill, who located the container ship “Tiger Breeze,” I was able to confirm a booking today from Port Klang Malaysia and Chennai, India on or about December 12, 2008. So, one big travel hoop to jump through has been cleared. And I am ecstatic about it! The only other passage I am worried about is Africa to Latin America. But we’ll deal with that in a few months.

This passage means I will get to visit Ihtisham in Banlgadesh and Rajesh in Mumbai without having to travel through China and Pakistan via the Khunjerab Pass in the winter, which I doubt is even open. Sweetness abounds.

Now I am really going to disappear. Just had to share the great news.

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  • SP, I didn’t realize you were planning on running through Latin America. If you are going to make the trip around the horn, by all means look me up. I’m just one of the regular, quiet lurkers here, but the Agonist has been my homepage for at least 5 years now, so I’d love to offer some payback in the form of south Chilean hospitality. If Puerto Chacabuco (look for it in a fjord halfway between Punta Arenas and Puerto Montt) is on your route, send me an email and I’ll set up some activities along the Austral Highway for you. Regards, David.

  • “Is not our first thought to go on the road? The road is our source, our vault of treasures, our wealth. Only on the road does the ‘traveller’ feel like himself, at home.”
    Ryszard Kapuscinski

  • You’ve read Perelman’s stories about his world travels, right? Howlingly funny, and he did a short journey on a freighter just because.

    Westward Ho, Eastward Ha, and a lot of other compilations have several pieces about some journey.

    Some background: he and Dorothy Parker invented the New Yorker magazine comedy piece in the 40’s. Some poll of famous writers on “who do you read just for fun” came up with P.G. Wodehouse and Perelman as first and second place. The man’s vocabulary was acrobatic and he often used words wrongly but still fittingly. They should have meant what he said. “A notorious usufruct” being a fine example.

    “The Playboy reader invites a female acquaintance in for a quiet discussion of Picasso, Nietzsche, jazz, sex.” – Hugh Hefner

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