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Atrios says Bush is “shockingly stupid, somewhat delusional, and very messianic person who has downloaded large doses of extreme wingnuttery deep into his brain stem.”

Col. Lang says:

Anyone who listened to the president’s speech in Riga today knows that this is all nonsense. He has no intention to change his policy in Iraq. His policy has been and continues to be the creation of an essentially Western country in Iraq governed on a unitary basis by an administration elected on the basis of one person, one vote. He expects that “victory” there and in his other areas of activity, Lebanon, Syria, etc. will result in a wave of revolutionary change across the Islamic World which will “drain the swamp” in which the “extremists” grow. He was taught this vision by neocon “dervishes” who are still pursuing the memory of Europe transformed by the French Revolution. The French Revolution renewed in the Muslim World remains the goal. We are already seeing the result of the “freedom agenda” in Iraq. There, Liberty has become license to kill and give over to rapine all those who “threaten” the ability of one’s own group to maximize its position.

My question: is there any difference between the two except brevity?

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  • during Junior’s early developmental years, as a creature of privilege and unearned entitlement. A shaky if not fragile ego, morally weak character, continuous family bailouts, the well-known “daddy thing”, alcoholism and drugs, etc., etc., have all contributed to producing the utter failure and empty suit now occupying the WH. That anyone could expect this rank sociopath to somehow “adjust” to real-world conditions that contradict his own rigid Weltanschauung simply hasn’t been paying the requisite attention to Junior’s grievous psychological makeup. As the exerpt from The Nelson Report cited elsewhere relates, don’t expect any course change from Junior and his enablers; missed opportunities notwithstanding, we have to wait until January, 2009 before even a chance of rationality returns to US politics.

  • “There’s a lot of sectarian violence taking place, fomented in my opinion because of the attacks by al Qaeda, causing people to seek reprisal.”
    –President Bush

    He is so far gone if this is what he thinks is the main factor behind the violence.

    If he doesn’t believe this, then he’s a horrible liar, but at least he’s not crazy.

    Edit: Anyone notice that, stripped of its Iraq context, the President’s sentence applies very well to his administration? Just remove “sectarian” and you have it.

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