The Times: They Aren’t A’Changing

From the New York Times today:

Obama Faces Unlikely Foe in Trade Effort: His Own Party
By Jonathan Weisman 5:00 AM ET

House Democrats — pressed hard by organized labor, environmental groups and liberal activists — are threatening to bring down the president’s entire package of trade bills.

The Democratic Party’s opposition to the “secret” fast-track authority should not be the story.  The “blind” support of it by a Democratic president and his Republican allies should be.

I also note that Nancy Pelosi is reported elsewhere by Associated Press as being “silent” on the issue.

And in times past, disclosures by Wiki-Leaks on the contents of secretly negotiated usurpation of sovereign and Constitutional rights would be treated with the sensational attention of—well, strafing helpless civilians in the streets of some faraway desert land.

Apparently not at The Times.

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