The stock market is up….

If you question why the stock market remains strong while real world economies flounder, look no farther than Helicopter Ben and the Federal Reserve.

This Is What 1,230 Days (And Counting) Of Explicit Market Support By The Federal Reserve Looks Like

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Don Henry Ford Jr.

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  • An interesting piece which definitely points to a real problem – corporate welfare – but I’m balancing it against the same blog’s apparent embrace of Benghazi conspiracy theories and its insistence that “The Socialism Of Europe Has Arrived At Our Shores“:

    America has turned the corner from the self-sufficiency of an individual to a new ideology for this country which is that incomes and life-styles should be equalized by taxes in the name of patriotism and for the greater good. The Socialism of much of Europe has arrived at our shores and spread from sea to shining sea and the safety net of decades past for our less fortunate citizens has been raised to a harmonization of social/governmental benefits regardless of hours worked or income earned. Obama is right that a new day is dawning but the mist is cold upon our faces, the horizon appears bleak and those more prosperous citizens that can find alternatives will do so.

    As well as it’s manifesto saying that its writers blog anonymously because they think they’ll be suppressed otherwise. (Really, a manifesto? Pretentious much?)

    …and I’m finding myself thinking they’re probably just another bunch of self-entitled,boomer, doom-and-gloomers pretending to a faux-libertarian ethos while making sure they’ve got theirs. Sure, they predicted the 2008 liquidity crisis and recession – but so did quite a few other people who managed to do so without all the “grab your guns and canned goods, it’s the end of Western civilization” stuff.

  • I see Zerohedge as a place where independent journalists and bloggers have a forum to post ideas. I often find articles which directly contradict others, sometimes on the same day.

    Just because something appears there doesn’t mean it necesarily reflects the opinions of the blog owner(s). I’m not sure whether the principle blogger is a boomer. I guessed he was a Gen-Xer, but I could be wrong. I’m almost certain he’s of European extraction.

    • I agree with the general gist of the Washington blog article–that we are about five years into what will be a twenty year crisis, mas o menos, and that the worst lies ahead–ala the fourth turning.

      Our politicians fight over minor variations of the same plan and ignore major concerns that will lead us into the next World War and the attendent repurcussions that result.

      I have given up hope on political solutions and spend a fair amount of time preparing to face consequences of bad choices we have made and will continue to make.

      I hope to continue to protest those bad choices, first to call those making them into account, so blame may be assessed where it belongs, (and not where it doesn’t), and also with hope that damage can be mitigated, and of course so others may prepare for the calamaties on our horizon.

      Those who laugh or criticise: enjoy your day, but know this: you will not escape what’s coming any more than I.

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