The past 20 minutes of news on the government shutdown – How about a CITIZEN SHUTDOWN?

Here is the last 20 minutes worth of news on the looming government shutdown.  Twenty minutes!  It’s from which refreshes every 90 seconds or so.  What are these people thinking of?  Don’t they understand there’s a real economy out there – one in which we have to work hard to pay our bills.  How about a CITIZEN SHUTDOWN — we stop paying our elected officials and levy a daily fine of $5,000 until they fix things.    We need to declare Congress a histrionic free zone.  Check out News Now for the latest, literally up to the minute on this.

 Stocks sink as government heads toward shutdown WHDH-TV, Massachusetts 18:01
Shutdown could have big impact on KC economy The Kansas City Channel 17:56
 GOP to Get More Shutdown Blame, Polls Find WSJ: Washington Wire (Weblog) 17:54

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  • Hidden in National Weather Service forecast: P-L-E-A-S-E-P-A-Y-U-S

    CNN, By Greg Botelho, October 4

    Sometimes, it pays to read between the lines.

    At least that may be the message –and, more accurately, the hope — of workers at the National Weather Service office in Anchorage, Alaska.

    The message can be found in an official forecast put out at 5 a.m. (9 a.m. ET) that seems, at first glance, routine with its discussion of air pressure, wind speeds and weather systems.

    But if you line up the first letters of each word from top-to-bottom in the forecast, under the heading “Analysis and Upper levels,” there’s something else there: P-L-E-A-S-E-P-A-Y-U-S.

    That breaks down into three simple words: Please pay us.


    Meteorologists at the service’s Anchorage office declined Friday afternoon to comment on the possibly cryptic wording, saying they can only speak about weather-related matters. It was not immediately clear who exactly put out the forecast or whether a message was intentionally tucked into it.

    Must have gotten the idea from Gov. Schwarzenneger: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s coded F-bomb in veto

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