“The only Constitution that Barack Obama upholds is the Soviet constitution”


You’d think by now that Republicans would have worked out that saying really outrageously dumb stuff just gets them laughed at and costs them votes with everyone but their base.

Paul Broun is one of the more radical members of the House Republican Caucus, which — like calling Richie Aprile one of the less ethical members of the Soprano family — is a highly superlative description. Broun, as you might expect, is a staunch, staunch Constitutional Conservative:

The Constitution I uphold and defend is the one I carry in my pocket all the time, the U.S. Constitution. I don’t know what Constitution that other members of Congress uphold, but it’s not this one. I think the only Constitution that Barack Obama upholds is the Soviet constitution, not this one.

The accusation that Obama fails to uphold the Constitution is pretty old hat by now. Far more novel and interesting is Broun’s claim that Obama has upheld the Soviet Constitution.

Meet today’s idiot Republican, and an excellent rejoinder from Jonathan Chait.

The Republicans haven’t yet realized that Obama doesn’t have to seek their annihilation, if they keep insisting on taking so much rope and hanging themselves with it. The death of the Republican Party seems to be proceeding on schedule, whether it’s part of Obama’s multi-thingy masterplan or not.

Of course, maybe Republicans believe they don’t need the votes of anyone except the most wingnut of their base if they can push through massive redistricting and a plan to change the way electoral votes are allocated. I’m a bit cynical about the ZOMG! reports coming out of the big A-list Dem “proggie” blogs on this though. It all smells just a little too much like the next “most important election EVAH!” push and plans that can’t pass court challenges aren’t plans at all.

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  • I am very nervous about the left-wing hectoring and the spread of a narrative that says the GOP is dying.

    The pieces of the puzzle:

    (1) GOP is quite secure in enough districts, localities, and states that it isn’t going anywhere.

    (2) The GOP is widely regarded as the underdog. Underdogs get acclaim for their successes but their failures get attributed to the overdogs.

    (3) The GOP has enough power to retard or block advancement of progressive policies. Thus, the supposed political over-dogs have both hand tied behind their backs even though they are supposed over-dogs.


    Doesn’t that mean that we’re just about one big crisis away from a backlash that swells support for the GOP? And when that happens, won’t it be a far righter-wing GOP that we’ve ever seen before?

    • I think you are right. Over the years, I’ve frequently heard predictions of the death of both major parties, yet they are both still in power. Republicans have locked in power of many state governments through gerrymandering districts. If they succeed in changing their states from voting all or nothing to voting percentages in the electoral college, they will lock in the presidency as well.

  • Broun may carry a copy of the Constitution around, but not understand it. With regard to Thomas’s post, the GOP leadership is very poor right now, they are walking into one gunfight after another only to shoot their own foot off. Witness the ‘grilling’ of Clinton.

  • Obama is more fascist than socialist, and that to a lesser degree perhaps than the neocon crowd. But he does it with a smile and articulate speech.

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