The Global Architecture of Wealth Extraction

Medium, By Joe Brewer, April 11

Wealth inequality has reached truly epic proportions — with 62 individuals amassing the same aggregate wealth as 3.7 billion. Most of us intuitively sense that this outcome was rigged by design by a global elite.

Here in the United States we know about things like Citizens United (those with money can influence elections) and the Koch Brothers (part of the cabal that purchased this little piece of legislation). We get that the bankers who collapsed the financial system made out like bandits, quite literally. Those unlucky enough to be born anyplace where the tornado of colonialism touched down have been taught that “our people” should blame themselves for the personal character flaw of being on the receiving end of conquest and pillage.


The architecture of wealth extraction is a cancer on this planet. It continually corrupts our governments, poisons the natural environment, and pits us against each other in a “race to the bottom” that has only one logical outcome — the wholesale destruction of life-giving capacities for the only home planet we’ll ever have.

Cute graphic and sparse history at the link. With mandatory (non sequitur undergirt) optimism at the end. Meh.

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  • The architecture of wealth extraction is a cancer on this planet.
    Capitalism cannot survive without growing and does its best to resist any control on that growth.
    Uncontrolled Growth – the very definition of Cancer .

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