The CIA Illegally Let the Wrong People Do Intelligence Work, Declassified Report Finds

VICE News, By Jason Leopold, April 27

The CIA violated federal laws and its own internal regulations by hiring independent contractors for a wide variety of intelligence and national security-related work that was supposed to be performed by government employees, according to a CIA Office of Inspector General (OIG) audit report obtained by VICE News in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

The report said the CIA “relies heavily on independent contractors to accomplish important facets of its mission,” particularly at the National Clandestine Service, the covert arm of the agency responsible for clandestine operations around the world. The report, dated June 22, 2012 but only declassified last month, raised numerous red flags about the CIA’s use of independent contractors throughout all divisions within the agency, and for work performed work in areas that included covert operations and protective security services overseas.

By law, that work must be done by CIA employees.

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  • There are over 5 million people in the US holding security clearances. That’s not security in my book (and I’ve been there).

    And I wonder if anyone ever cross-checked how many of those are on the No Fly list. 😀

  • Does anyone bother to read the actual articles linked to anymore?

    Seriously, big sexy headline but when we dig into the article we find that the agency is being roasted for using contractors in two areas: recruitment (i.e., hiring interviews) and augmentees at the NCS [National Clandestine Service] – almost all of whom are retired case officers (as in, they used to do the same jobs when they were USG employees).

    Big ****ing whoop.

    The real questions are why does the retirement package allow these guys to retire and come back to feather their boomer nests at a higher pay grade and why is it that an organization that has gone through a decade long recruitment cycle unprecedented in its modern history still not have enough organic HR people?

    But no, please keep trying to sex shit up and make anything with a TLA sound all black ops and shit.

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