The Agonist 2012 Retrospective

During 2012, we’ve read some good posts and some great posts by contributors at the Agonist. Here’s a look back at the posts the internet remembers best according to our traffic figures,  Yahoo! search and Google search. 2012 was an election year, of course, and it’s no surprise that many of those posts dealt with that election or issues that would raise their heads during the 2012 campaign.

Top of the bill is Numerian’s “Totalitarianism in the US: An accident waiting to happen“. A look at Republican political philosophy which compares it to that of Soviet Russia, Pravda-like propaganda and promoting themselves through big lies. The editors at Agonist also unanimously voted this post the Agonist’s nomination for the 2012 Jon Swift Memorial Roundup at Vagabond Scholar. A great post from a great blog writer.

Also check out Numerian’s explanation of the origins and eventual path of current world financial turmoil and the debt crisis: Peak Money Arrives

Michael Collins set a lot of people talking in October with his post “Rigged Elections for Romney?“, which looked at a pattern of apparent vote flipping during the 2012 Republican primaries.

Cheryl Rofer is our resident nuclear expert, having done amazing world-changing work helping the states of the former U.S.S.R. with clean up operations. Back in March, in “What Obama Will Say To Netanyahu“, she explained how President Obama was working to convince Israel’s Netanyahu not to attack Iran in a post which foreshadowed talk later in the year of an Israeli “October Surprise” for the US elections.

Conservatives thought they smelled Obama-crippling blood in the water over the deaths of the US amabassador and others in Benghazi. In “Desperately Seeking Scandal“, Kathy Kattenburg tried to figure out why.

Of course, the real October Surprise was always going to be, as Mattt explained, that “President Barack HOOOOSAAAYN Obama is — wait for it — still black black blackity black black black”. As Cheryl wrote, we have to stop listening to America’s Crazy Uncle in the Attic.

Bruce A Jacobs has been a featured author at the Agonist for many years. Sadly he had to bow out this year due to the pressure of other work. here’s his last Tuesday Muse.

Adrena and Raja hold down the Agonist Newswire in fine style, but sometimes we can convince them to post their own thoughts on things. Here’s a powerful piece by Adrena: “Should she have become a porn star?

Our biggest posts in terms of traffic this year? Mattt’s storify of David Frum’s meltdown at the NRA and our posts on the Petreaus/Broadwell scandal which expanded into the Jill Kelley fracas. All were off the chart – make of that what you will.

My own posts? My personal favorites were the posts I wrote about climate change and the need for something other than a military hammer in America’s hard power toolbox. Both have a common theme: the folks at national security think tanks, paid to think by the people who build tanks, aren’t thinking about the biggest national security problems very much at all and even when they do they do so to their paymasters’ agendas.

OK, what did I miss?

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