Thanksgiving Jukebox and Open Thread

My wife is the “general manager” of a the single outlet of a certain restaurant chain here in town, rhymes with Benny’s, and she works every holiday because it is always open. We’ve long since gotten used to having our Thanksgivings, Christmasses and Birthdays on her next day off rather than the actual day. This year it’ll be next Thursday. So…I’ll be blogging through tomorrow, though probably only weekend-style as we won’t be getting the traffic in any case, then I’ll be taking next Thursday off. (Edited for clarity – in the chain’s parlance “general manager” means you run a single store, not the whole business as one commenter leaped to conclude.)

Here’s an extra jukebox to celebrate the holiday, and an open thread for whatever you wish to post too.

This one is for my darling wife, for whom I am truly thankful. Thank you, accushla.

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