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U.S. and Russia in material breach of Chemical Weapons Convention

The United States and Russia missed the deadline for the destruction of their chemical weapons, April 29, 2012, required by the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) treaty.   The U.S. reports destroying 90% of its chemical weapons and promises to complete the process by 2023.   Russia reports 57% of its stockpile destroyed and a promise to complete the process between 2015 and 2020.

Georgetown University law professor David A. Kaplow summarized the meaning of this noncompliance:

“[T]he ostentatious failure [to complete destruction on time] places the United States and Russia into a position of material breach of the CWC, even if their violations are not the result of bad faith or deception and even if the retained CW inventories carry little true military significance.”  David A, Kaplow, [Vol. 6:319 Journal of National Security Law & Policy, 6:319

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Colin Powell UN Presentation – Iraq WMD Speech

New York, NY United Nations, February 6, 2003

Colin Powell at UN, February 2003

Colin Powell at UN, February 2003


Part 1: Introduction

Thank you, Mr. President.

Mr. President, Mr. Secretary General, distinguished colleagues, I would like to begin by expressing my thanks for the special effort that each of you made to be here today. (Image:Wikipedia)

This is important day for us all as we review the situation with respect to Iraq and its disarmament obligations under U.N. Security Council Resolution 1441.

Last November 8, this council passed Resolution 1441 by a unanimous vote. The purpose of that resolution was to disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction. Iraq had already been found guilty of material breach of its obligations, stretching back over 16 previous resolutions and 12 years.

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Will Obama pull a Bush WMD Scam in Syria

A rush to judgment is a rush to war. 

obamaheadIt’s put up or shut up time for President Barack Obama.

Will the president wait for the completion of an objective study to determine the source of a chemical weapons in an attack on a Damascus suburb on August?  Or, will he fix the results, declare the Syrian government guilty, and unleash some form of military attack?   If he chooses the later option, the similarities to the George W. Bush WMD lies will be too close to ignore.

Added to Obama’s refusal to get Wall Street crooks prosecuted, his weak efforts on jobs, the NSA spying on all citizens coupled with his outright denial of the effort, Obama’s presidency will lack even the most rudimentary form of legitimacy.

Obama has been pressured to attack Syria since the start of the rebellion against the government of Bashar al-Assad began 2011.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled the world demanding that “Assad must go.” Others in the perpetual war faction have lent their voices to the chorus.

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Liar’s Poker – Obama and Cameron on Syrian WMD

Michael Collins
Photobucket(Washington, DC, 12/9)  Here we go again.

On, December 3, President Barack Obama warned the Syrian government against using chemical weapons against, among others, NATO-Saudi sponsored fighters trying to overthrow President Bashar Assad.

A few days later, British Prime Minister David Cameron’s foreign secretary claimed that he had evidence the Syrian government plans to use chemical weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against the rebels.

After Obama’s December 3 warning, Syria denied any intent to use the weapons “no matter what the circumstances” as they had after an earlier Obama warning.

U.S. and British government officials are unreliable sources on this subject.

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