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US Senate Demands Peace and Disengagement for US as World Policeman

Think of this report as if seen through a fractal lens which takes you back to an earlier day, when these quotations were originally spoken, by other actors. Then, bring your mind back to the present day, recalling what US senators actually said, and notice the contrast. The US once had a VERY DIFFERENT viewpoint regarding Europe, which we think would be refreshing to see again, in the current crisis.

Recently in the News:

Poroshenko (Ukraine):

We will not use the defensive equipment to the attack,” he said. “The stronger our defense, the more convincing is our diplomatic voice.

Merkel (Germany):

I believe that more weapons will not lead to the progress Ukraine needs,

I can’t envision any situation in which a better-equipped Ukraine military would convince President Putin that he could lose militarily.

Lindsey Graham (US):

At the end of the day, to our European friends, this is not working. You can go to Moscow until you turn blue in the face. Stand up to what is clearly a lie and a danger,

Hollande (France)

If we don’t manage to find not just a compromise but a lasting peace agreement, we know perfectly well what the scenario will be. It has a name; it’s called war,

NATO’s commander in chief General Philip Breedlove (US, NATO):

I don’t think we should preclude out of hand the possibility of the military option.

It is almost inconceivable the US Government would advocate a position in Europe, a European War, based on threatening Russia, and build this fabric on top of overthrowing the Government of Ukraine, a Russian Buffer state, as a consequence of the multi-year Eastward push of NATO.

It is one thing to wrap the EU around the ex-Soviet Bloc states. It is another to wrap a US-dominated military wrapper, NATO, around the same states. Ostensibly NATO is a defense pact, “attack one of us and you attack us all;” however, this US-led expansion has all the appearance of targeted offense, asking for War.
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On Allies and Enemies

A little thought experiment: imagine if Samantha Power had been running our foreign policy during WWII? In the quote below, replace Syria with USSR.

U.S. coordination with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over the airstrikes: Syria, she said, is not a reliable partner. “You’re committing terror against your people, you’re the ones using chemical weapons and barrel bombs, etc. so we didn’t ask for permission — we just offered a notification.””
 This admin runs foreign policy like Barney Fife.

Inconvenient Questions

1. What’s the exit strategy? Is anyone discussing what that is? How do we get out? It’s simple to get in. Getting out is the hard part.

2. What are our political goals in Iraq in re: IS(IS)? What do we hope to achieve? And in what time frame? Will our means achieve the ends?

3. These are just some questions that President Hopey-McKill-List™ did not answer last night. He didn’t even come close to answering.

Color me curious.

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce

Karl Marx wasn’t wrong about everything.

Tonight, President Hopey-McChange goes on the television to attempt the following (as expressed by Chris Nelson):

The President goes on nation/world TV tonight in what’s being billed as an effort to rally the people, and our allies, to a robust, long-term, strategically and historically essential battle to the death against ISIS and its ilk.  

It’s neither essential strategically or essentially. Why? First, because ISIS can be contained. Second, because ISIS does not pose a threat to our vital national interests. Robust and Long-term? Those can’t mean anything other than wasted lives and treasure.


The only silver lining I can see to this is the following: by our obsessive focus on Iraq we can’t escalate against the Russians. Our military simply cannot do that much at one time and our allies in Europe won’t do it. So, there is that.

Obama forms New Coalition of the Willing

President Obama, in meeting with NATO leaders in Wails, has formed a new, improved coalition of the willing to combat ISIS, which is believed to be better than Bush’s coalition of the willing for Invading Iraq.

Better because of both Obama’s Golden Oratory, and his behind-the-scenes threats, were much more effective than Bush’s clumsy speechifying. Bush’s behind-the-scenes threats were much less effective when the Eurozone believed they could challenge the hegemony of the US Dollar.
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Good Question, Terrible Answers

Digby asks the question I keep asking:

In all seriousness, I think the mindset of the National Security Elite has changed. First, Exceptional people do not negotiate. Second, every lesson we’ve been told we should have learned from World War II is this: you do not negotiate with aggressors. You fight them. (There is also the Holocaust lesson which wasn’t learned, either.)

So, Americans do not and will not and cannot ever negotiate with aggressors. And since the United States of America is imbued with “Exceptionalism” anyone who opposes the US is wrong. And if you are wrong you will soon be an aggressor. (Samantha Power would love that formulation!) Therefore, we will soon be at war with Russia unless they do everything we ask of them, which basically means roll over and act like a lap dog (basically what the Brits do).

Ponder that for a while. Then ponder how easy a solution could have been.

Ponder where all this bother takes us: the Ukraine. Imagine that it is increasingly looking like we are going to fight a shooting war against Russia, in its neighborhood, for the Ukraine. (For the record, I very well may have been wrong about Western unwillingness to stand up for the Ukraine.)

Ponder that, but this time with nukes.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To War MEE Go!

Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests..

(Palmerston, who was no slouch when it came to Imperialism).

Let’s examine the evidence:

  1. Middle East in Chaos
  2. US Pushing NATO to Russian Borders
  3. US Oil & Gas Production rising sharply
  4. Russia major energy supplier to Europe & China
  5. Middle East Oil Production at or past peak

This is a theory, constructed to fit the set of facts listed, and to try to provide an Hypothesis which meets the facts, explains the US’ behavior, lists the possible outcomes and discusses the probabilities of those outcomes.

It’s about “MEE”: Money, Energy and, Empire.
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Flyover Country


Pretty soon we can add Syria to a long list of countries destroyed by the American inability to mind its own fucking business, especially when it has no vital national interests at stake. And yes, I am quite comfortable putting the blame for most of the bloodshed on the US and its proxies like Turkey arming the rebels in the region. Had we not, Assad would probably had wrapped this up a year ago. Seriously, how much money and guns have we poured into Syria? And how can we not claim to be culpable, in at least some way, for what’s happening there?

Regardless, I defy anyone to name me one VITAL, existential, national interest at stake in Syria?

You cannot do it.

Seymour Hersh, Sarin, and the Obama Deception on Syria WMD

lying1The people of the United States were subject to a deliberate deception by the Obama administration concerning the use of chemical weapons in Damascus, Syria on August 21 according to leading investigative reporter Seymour M. Hersh.  No stranger to big stories, Hersh has a successful track record of books and articles based on sources deep in the United States intelligence community.

The article, Whose Sarin, was published in the London Review of Books on Sunday.   If we believe Hersh and his sources, the pattern of deliberate lies is so pervasive, there is no reason to believe much of what we hear from the Obama administration without independent verification.

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Reporting from Aleppo, Syria on the looming battle – Dark visions

Reporting from inside Aleppo makes the case for a government offensive, soon.

Shortly after the Syrian government victory at Qusayr, Operation Northern Storm was announced.  In conjunction with Hezbollah fighters, the Syrian Arab Army would attack the rebel-controlled section of Syria’s largest city within days of a June 10, 2012 tip from a Syrian official.

The attack never materialized.   The Syrian army approach was more methodical.   Regions, towns, and highways were secured approaching Aleppo that laid the foundation for current efforts.

The victory at Qusayr marked a major turning point in the Syrian conflict.  After that, the larger city of Homs fell.  The Syrian government began winning battles on a consistent basis.  Most recently, the battles have taken place around Aleppo.  Victories to the north and south of the city have opened up supply routes and provided near by facilities for Syria’s air force.

Reporting from Aleppo, resident and activist Edward Dark (pseudonym) predicts a looming battle for Aleppo based on recent changes in the military situation in and around the city.   Dark’s article in Al-Monitor on November 24 makes the case for a decisive battle: Aleppo braces for major regime offensive, Edward Dark, Al-Monitor.

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VoltaireNet – Truth as an Issue on Syria – View from the resistance

Interesting presentation of the history of the Syrian conflict.  Meyssan reports  from Damascus

Truth as an Issuez
by Thierry Meyssan
VoltaireNet Nov 21, Creative Commons

French President Francois Hollande and President Barack Obama full of themselves

French President Francois Hollande and President Barack Obama full of themselves

What has been happening in Syria for the past three years? According to NATO and GCC media reports, the “regime” has shed blood to suppress a democratic revolution. However this version is contradicted by the current support for the government estimated at, according to sources, between 60 and 90 % of the population. The truth is quite different: NATO and the GCC have successively lost a war of succession and a fourth generation Nicaraguan-type war. It is they, and they alone, who organized and financed the death of 120,000 Syrians.

Voltaire Network | Damascus (Syria)

One of the challenges of preparing for the Geneva conference is to write the history of Syria. The NATO powers and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are trying to impose their version of events which would give them a clear advantage at the negotiating table. Hence a sudden avalanche of articles and summary reports in the Western and the Gulf press.  Read More

Anti Syria Coalition Collapsing – Rebels and Patrons in Discord

humptyThe attack on Syria by outside powers and their proxies has gone on for over two years.  The rebels fighting to overturn the Assad regime are a mixed lot but we know one thing for sure.  Were it not for outside aid and thousands of recruits from neighboring countries, the so-called civil war would have been over in months.

Over 100,000 Syrians have died in the conflict according to the United Nations.  Those deaths are the direct responsibility of the rebels and their foreign supporters who allow the rebels to continue fighting, primarily in urban areas.  Therefore, the anti Syria coalition of rebel sponsoring nations is directly responsible for those deaths and the other carnage. (Image)

Now the coalition is imploding.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, a critical weapons supplier to the rebels, is furious at the United States for the last minute deal that stopped the threatened U.S. missile attack on Syria.   Reportedly, rebels had coordinated with U.S. officials on the timing and location of the attacks to aid the rebel cause (much as the NATO powers aided the Libyan rebels with the “no fly zone”).  In the mind of the Saudis, this was to be the kill shot against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.  Read More

The people spoke through the eloquence of unity on Syria

4thjulyI rejoice that America has resisted
William Pitt to Parliament, 1766

Sixteen years before the British gave up their war effort in the American colonies, William Pitt and others told King George III that he was absolutely wrong to kill and maim Americans seeking freedom. (Image)

Every day of every year from Pitt’s warning in 1766 through the end of the British effort in 1782 was wasted time for the people on each side of the Atlantic.  Lives and opportunities were lost.  The only beneficiaries were the war merchants and the insane monarch, George.  His madness was florid, without any restraint.

A leading newspaper characterized Parliament’s action in 1782 to stop funding the war as the end of “an offensive war in America, for the impracticible object of reducing the Colonies to obedience by force.”  Read More

What President Obama Said and Didn’t Say about Syria

syrianjihadists1Wishful thinking made me hear things not said in President Obama’s Rose Garden speech on Saturday afternoon.

Said: The U.S. government has made a “powerful case” that the Syrian government was responsible for the recent chemical attacks that killed over a thousand Syrians.

Not said: The case that the Syrian government is responsible for the attacks is certain or nearly certain.

Said: I have decided the United States should take military action against Syrian regime targets.

Not said: There is legal justification for the United States to carry out a military strike on Syria at this time. Whatever laws or international agreements Syria has broken with their chemical attack provide for a military strike as a consequence.
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