Creeping Militarism. U.S. Launches Raid on Somali Rebel Camp

United States Africa Command


In a significant expansion of U.S. military action in Africa, Navy Seals raided a Somali warlord camp in the town of Barawe, Somalia, reportedly killing a senior leader and six others associated with the Al Shabaab militant group that killed 67 Kenyans in the Nairobi shopping mall assault in […]

Today in Weapons Grade Stupid: The biggest danger America faces is…pressure cookers?

You had to know it was just a matter of time before someone demanded that the sale of pressure cookers be controlled. Yep, that’s right; when pressure cookers are outlawed, only outlaws (and Grandma) will have pressure cookers.

I suppose it makes sense in a perverse sort of way; given some of the silliness TSA […]

The Game of Drones

The American media have been infuriated by their treatment this weekend at the hands of the White House. It seems the print and broadcast press were refused any access at all to President Obama during a critical summit meeting held this Sunday in Florida. Whom was the President hosting? Vladimir Putin? Wen Jiabao? Angela Merkel?