Blair Cornered on War Crimes in Iraq

If leaders may lie, then who should tell the truth? Desmond Tutu

It’s official, well almost official. Tonight, the BBC’s Panorama will roll out yet more serious evidence that Tony Blair knew Saddam Hussein had NO weapons of mass destruction for months prior to the United States – British invasion of Iraq.

“Fresh evidence is […]

Empire Project Failing in Syria Says French Foreign Minister

By Michael Collins

The survival of the Syrian government represents a major failure of the empire project to recolonize and dominate energy rich Middle Eastern and North African states.

In an abrupt change from months of anticipatory triumphalism, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius admitted that Syrian President Bashar Assad will not be leaving power […]

Welcome to the New Syria

By Michael Collins

When the Western powers and their pals, the oil oligarchs, target your country, it’s time to run just as fast as you can.

The assault on Damascus by Syrian rebels and terrorist murder of the Syrian Defense Minister occurred just as the Red Cross announced that the fighting in Syria was officially […]