The Poverty Of Positive Thinking

I have long been an ardent skeptic of the entire American pop-psych school of positive thinking. I’ve thought it was bullshit. And I thought it was propaganda, designed to make people blame themselves for their job losses, or inability to get a new job. Or whatever kind of societal crap had been meted out upon […]

Declaring war on the unemployed: So that’s what “Compassionate Conservatism” looks like

In a recession whose genesis can largely be laid at their feet, Republicans have decided to own up to their responsibility by…wait for it…blaming the victims. Instead of determining how they might lessen the burden on the unemployed- especially the long-term jobless- Republicans have declared war on them.

It’s difficult to understand, much less […]

Approaching Outrage – Neo-Prophets and Data Mining

An extension and response to Don Henry Ford and Brian Downing

Stephen Colbert shows due respect at 2006 Washington, DC power fest

We are in a strangely quiet period of our post 9/11 world. The pretext for the war on terror and evisceration of the Constitution remains unexamined and unexplained to any necessary level […]

Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment Summary

This is good news. Keep in mind that the real rate of unemployment in these areas is the Fed U-6 level plus the long-term unemployed who want to work and have been out of work for 12 months or more (no longer counted by the Feds). See Shadow Government Statistics


Metropolitan Area […]

Sow the Wind

You know the rest…

Reports from the arc of the angry Tea Party movement indicate that, yes indeed, there is a FEDERAL government and yes, it does provide a big payoff to be in one of the five states that comprise Tea Party Homeland. Each and every one of the states on the map receives […]