On Allies and Enemies

A little thought experiment: imagine if Samantha Power had been running our foreign policy during WWII? In the quote below, replace Syria with USSR.

U.S. coordination with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over the airstrikes: Syria, she said, is not a reliable partner. “You’re committing terror against your people, you’re the ones using chemical weapons and […]

Art as metaphor. Whither the UN?

I wonder if outgoing UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay who gave her final speech this week to the UN Security Council would have made more impact if she had held James’ head in front of them. I’ll return to Ms Pillay below. I find I grieve for James and his family […]

Meta Question

Why is no one willing to consider making the Ukraine a buffer state? The West gives up its idea to have it be a part of NATO and Russia allows the Ukraine to become, let’s call it, Finlandized.

Ask yourself that question. Look at the situation at large.

I don’t know what the answer is, […]

Putin offers war or peace in the future – attack on Syria or diplomacy

Russian President Vladimir Putin made his position clear on the pending Obama administration attack on Syria in an interview with RT on September 4.

Putin can’t fathom why the Syrian government would initiate a chemical weapons attack. He said,

“I’ve already said I find it absolutely ridiculous that [the Syrian] government’s armed forces, which […]

Colin Powell UN Presentation – Iraq WMD Speech

New York, NY United Nations, February 6, 2003

Colin Powell at UN, February 2003


Part 1: Introduction

Thank you, Mr. President.

Mr. President, Mr. Secretary General, distinguished colleagues, I would like to begin by expressing my thanks for the special effort that each of you made to be here today. (Image:Wikipedia)

This is […]

Aw Jeez …

Here’s a domestic stunner and one not so surprising from foreign policy/intel.

Mark Karlin at TruthOut and BuzzFlash just told us about this insanity.

Where’s the outrage? Some lobbyists get taxpayer funded pensions in 20 states By Mark Karlin

During a period of blaring “austerity” when a key goal of those with means is to […]

UN to investigate Syrian rebel mass execution

Imagine that. The wonderful, freedom fighters serving NATO-Gulf state interests by destroying Syria have a dark side. They captured Syrian troops then executed them. They are terrorists, dumb ones at that since the video is their undoing.

The UN high commissioner for human rights has called for an investigation into allegations that […]

de Bellaigue: Sanctions On Iran Cause Economic Strife But Are Not Working

Christopher de Bellaigue on why sanctions on Iran have thus far been, and will likely continue to be, a failure:

The assumption is that the more Iranians suffer, the more their leaders will feel the pressure and either change course or be overthrown in a popular uprising. And yet, there is no evidence to suggest […]