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Cameron must answer for deaths in Syria

PM Cameron must answer for his role in Syrian deaths  Image

PM Cameron must answer for his role in Syrian deaths Image

British Prime Minister David Cameron called for answers from the Syrian government for the death of a British doctor in a Syrian jail.   In a letter to the doctor’s mother, the PM said: “Abbas’ death is a sickening and appalling tragedy and it is right that the Syrian regime should answer for it.”

The death is truly unfortunate.  So are the deaths of 120,000 Syrians in a conflict that Cameron helped foment through funding and rhetoric that supported the rebel cause since its onset.  Just as the death of Dr. Khan is “sickening,” so are the massive losses in Syria over the past two and a half years.

PM Cameron is culpable in those deaths, along with his partners President Barack Obama, President Francois Hollande, PM Recep Erdogan of Turkey, and oligarchs in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

When Arab Spring style protests in Syria turned violent, Cameron and company blamed the Syrian government.   He failed to mention of attacks on Syrian police or pro regime demonstrations as large or larger than the opposition.  Read More

Guardian Reporters Stand Up to British Government Bullies

The hammer of government vindictiveness fell on the Guardian and its reporters.  British intelligence agents invoked their option to detain travelers suspected of connections to terror activities when they took Guardian reporter Glenn Greennwald’s partner, David Miranda, into custody for eight hours. Miranda was searched and papers and other items were confiscated. (Of course, Miranda and Grunwald have nothing to do with terrorism.  British anti-terrorism laws are overly broad.)

In a bizarre follow up, British intelligence agents showed up at the offices of the Guardian on a mission to destroy the computers containing leaked information from David Snowden.   While most rational people would assume that Guardian reporters have their Snowden materials backed up, British agents were undeterred in taking their primitive revenge against the inanimate objects, personal computers.  One can only imagine what these agents would do to soda machines that fail to deliver a paid for beverage.

That was appalling but it gets worse.
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Beyond Echelon: British spies are tapping into global fiber networks

Silicon Republic  June 22, 2013

For years we heard tales of Echelon, a system that emerged from the Cold War that allowed British security agencies to monitor phone calls including via satellite systems. But now, according to the latest revelations to come from rogue CIA contractor Edward Snowden, British spies are tapping into fiber optic cables to gather internet histories, Facebook posts and global email messages.

Decline and Fall – Preplanned War in Syria and PRISM’s Snowden

A chronicle of the spectacular incompetence of those who purport to lead us

The invasion of Syria – Preplanned?

I don’t know but some interesting evidence surfaced this week that supports a serious look.    Roland Dumas, French Foreign Minister under Mitterrand, made some disturbing statements on French television.  He said that the British were preparing an invasion of Syria two years before the start of the conflict in 2011.  In the video below, Dumas describes his meetings with the British.

This is a much-delayed sequel to the famous first hand report by Wesley Clark about his conversations in the Pentagon just after 9/11.  Clark was informed of a plan “to take out seven countries in five years.”  One of those countries was Syria.


Video and analysis – France + RINF News + French transcript + Google translate

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Government Wins Key Battle in Syria – Rebels and Supporters Squabble

qusayr rebels
This is a summary of the latest news out of Syria regarding the battle for Qusayr, the key border town where fighting pitted the Syrian Army and Hezbollah against Syrian rebels, including their foreign fighters.  The summary includes speculation on the implications for the future of the Syrian conflict due to the victory of the Syrian Army.

The Syrian Army met with initial success after initiating the battle for Qusayr.   Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon played a key role in the effort.  The final victory came when “elite” Syrian troops finished much of the rebel resistance.   Syrian troops also captured the road to another key city, Homs.  The Syrian Army plans to advance on Syria’s commercial center, Aleppo, currently controlled by rebels.  (Image)

The victory cuts off one of two main routes for rebel supplies, the Lebanese – Qusayr connection.  This leaves the Turkish border crossing north of Aleppo as the remaining hub for rebel weapons and personnel transfers.

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Liar’s Poker – Obama and Cameron on Syrian WMD

Michael Collins
Photobucket(Washington, DC, 12/9)  Here we go again.

On, December 3, President Barack Obama warned the Syrian government against using chemical weapons against, among others, NATO-Saudi sponsored fighters trying to overthrow President Bashar Assad.

A few days later, British Prime Minister David Cameron’s foreign secretary claimed that he had evidence the Syrian government plans to use chemical weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against the rebels.

After Obama’s December 3 warning, Syria denied any intent to use the weapons “no matter what the circumstances” as they had after an earlier Obama warning.

U.S. and British government officials are unreliable sources on this subject.

Does the government of President Bashar Assad intend to use chemical WMD? Read More

How the world of Eton sees Scotland and Scottish Independence

by Gerry Hassan

(Originally posted by openDemocracy, republished under a Creative Commons license)

The name of Eton resonates down through English tradition and privilege: from the Dave ‘n’ Boris show to the wider return of the old Etonians across public life.

It has produced nineteen British Prime Ministers and a host of Scottish and British iconoclasts and radicals from Tam Dalyell and Neal Ascherson to John Maynard Keynes and George Orwell.

Eton was an august setting for debating Scottish independence in the week of the Scottish and UK Government’s agreement on the single question referendum: yes or no on whether Scotland should exit the union. On the same day the Eton master Mike Grenier publicly warned of the dangers of parents micro-managing their children’s free time. Grenier advised that the ‘turbo-charged fathers’ and ‘tiger mothers’ that pay £30,000 per annum in fees should ‘embrace a little idleness’ with their children.  Read More

Why I gatecrashed David Hartnett’s dinner party

Adam Ramsey

(Originally posted by New Internationalist, republished under a Creative Commons license)

Last week, some friends and I burst in on a speech from the retired HMRC boss Dave Hartnett at a tax dodgers conference. The video of our action has since gone viral. Here’s why I did it:

I stood as a Green candidate in local elections last year. If I had bought dinner and drinks for a potential voter, I would have been breaking the law and I would have been disqualified. If you buy someone who has power over you nice things in the hope they will do you a favour, then this is bribery. It’s pretty simple. When people do it in developing countries, the British establishment rolls its eyes.

Dave Hartnett was, until the end of July, Britain’s senior tax collector. He was also the civil servant who was most wined and dined. You can choose to believe one of two things: either the senior tax man has the most scintillating, entertaining dinner table chat of everyone at Whitehall; or there’s something more sinister going on.  Read More