Is Leninism finished? Tedious article ponderously says No

Lenin said it, we believe it, that settles it.

In the aftermath of the SWP-UK implosion over rape allegations comes the usual lengthy, tedious, rote apologia for Leninism and Socialism. Raise the banner high, mates, we shall triumph over the capitalists and their running dog apologists by consulting the dusty tomes to determine what […]

Richard Seymour denounces SWP leadership

Richard Seymour

I’d figured Richard Seymour of Lenin’s Tomb would be a hard-line SWP member and defend the current diseased regime. I was wrong. Good. Not only is he refusing to knuckle under to the SWP don’t discuss it order, he’s telling SWP members to fight and overturn their current, corrupt leadership.

This is […]

Socialist Workers Party UK – How the far left makes itself useless

Oh gosh, the Socialist Workers Party UK is undergoing yet another of its regular blood-lettings. Their Stalinist central committee demands thought control and departing from their directives is not permitted, even if rape allegations have been made against one of them. After all, they’ve investigated themselves and declared themselves pure as the driven snow […]