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Over the fiscal cliff

confederacyWell, big surprise, they did it!  The Money Party is in a cannibalistic feeding frenzy with the failure to come to an agreement on spending cuts.  Now the sequester Frankenstein hits the streets.  This link takes you to an interactive map.  Scroll down, click on your state, and you will see what goes right away.  These are government jobs.  The ripple effect into private sector jobs is next if this process continues.

Of course, small business will be hit hard.  Main street will take a beating.

But here’s the sleeper issue.  100 to 160 regional airports will be closing within the next two weeks.   Why Those closed are among the 240 smaller airports with contractors serving as air traffic controllers.   So if you have  a ticket to any of these airports, good luck:   Naples, FL;  Macon, GA; Sioux City, IA; Columbia, MO; Hilton Head, SC; Everett, WA; or several of the major Executive airports.   And, here’s a map of delayed flights.

Too bad we can’t sequester congressional pay checks until they fix this.

Bernie Sanders on Sequestration

The Republians in the House and the Senate have gone nonlinear. They forgot the series of Tea Party defeats in the last election. They fear a Tea Party opponent in the 2014 election. And, they’re indifferent to real polls showing they are identified as “extremists.” Here’s Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on the sequester.

You know we’re headed for bad times when the Senate can’t pass a bill.

“On Thursday afternoon, not a single Senate Republican broke ranks to support a Democratic proposal to replace the sequester in part with higher taxes on households earning more than $5 million a year. Although the measure won 51 votes, it failed to garner the 60 votes needed to avoid a GOP filibuster [thanks to Harry “the rat” Reid, (D-NV).”

Sequestration Sorrows for Extremist Republicans

May you have incompetent, offensive enemies. 


President Obama and the congressional Democrats have the luck of the Irish, truly.  They’ve already won the Battle of the Fiscal Cliff due to the good judgment of the people.  That judgement takes facts into consideration.  The sequestration process is a blunt instrument wielded by a Frankenstein process that accounts for nothing sensible in terms of solving the main concern of the public; the seriously flawed, destructive economic cycle that is dragging us to a place nobody sensible wants to go. The PEW survey to the left shows that a majority think the economy in general (60%) and the military in particular (55%)  will suffer due to this pathetic process of histrionic policy making.

That puts the wisdom of the people in line with the judgement of over 95% of leading economists surveyed recently who say that “growth is likely to be negatively affected by the automatic federal spending cuts that are scheduled to kick in Friday.”  It makes sense.  The economy is weak, unemployment, all those out of work seeking work, is around 22%, and many citizens are one paycheck away from their own fiscal cliff.

Here are some highly revealing polls and  headlines from around the country late Wednesday, early today.

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Leading Indicator – Utah (and the governor is not happy)

herbertUtah governor Gary Herbert is not amused.  In fact, he’s pretty pissed off at the mindless Frankenstein of the March 1 sequestration that will result in robo-cutting federal programs across the country.  He estimates that Utah will lose $550 million in federal funding abruptly.

“Utah’s fundamentals are strong, as evidenced by continued state economic growth. Unemployment is down, wages are up and the local economy is growing, but nevertheless Washington, D.C., is having a chilling effect on our state’s recovery. We would be seeing even greater growth were it not for the backdrop of federal uncertainty and a fragile national economic recovery. Governor Gary Herbert’s Blog, Feb 25

This is a clear indication that nobody out there, regardless of party, in charge of running a state, county, or city government sides with the Tea Party extremists in their effort to fix everything right now – i.e., sequestration.  Just imagine the phone calls from all of these officials, especially the Republicans.  This may equal the call intensity from citizens in opposition to the first bailout (which was defeated). Read More

Sequestration Stimulus Program No. 1 – Bankruptcies

Michael Collins

iconWe are at the mercy of fools.  If members of Congress won’t stop the March 1 budget sequestration, there is a price to pay.  Congress won’t pay it.  We will.

Let’s start with one of the worst financial crises that can hit an individual or family – bankruptcy.   Increased bankruptcies are just one of the likely outcomes of the latest congressional action to sabotage the barely noticeable economic recovery.  Let’s call it the sequestration stimulus program.

Sequestration is a mandated budget cutting process that kicks in should Congress fails to pass a budget that includes spending cuts required by the 2011 Budget Control Act.  This was part of the deal to get the debt ceiling raised in August 2011, our last budget drama.  Nondefense spending will take a 5% hit and, the sacred cow, defense spending, will be reduced by 8%.   The cuts are applied across the board to discretionary programs (Social Security and Medicare are excluded). Read More

What will sequestration do to your State?

The McClatchy News Washington Bureau published 51 links from the White House.  The links reference White House pages showing how the 5% cuts in non defense spending and the 8% cuts in defense.   March 1 is the deadline.  If Congress fails to make a budget deal, then robocutting will begin.  This drama is just the latest theatrical event to divert attention from the need to address real problems with the economy.  You never know, they may be screwed up enough to actually fumble their way into this nightmare.  See links to the 50 states plus D.C. after the break.
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