Obama Knew The CIA Was Spying On The Senate?

So Obama apparently knew the CIA (his agency, as he is the head of the executive branch) was spying on the Senate Committee (which is the legislative branch) that oversees the CIA?

You know, not that it is ever going to happen, but that pretty much fits my personal definition of high crimes and misdemeanors. […]

Senate vote gives Obama 60 days to attack Syria

Sixty days of this says U.S. Senate committee

The United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations approved a modified version of President Obama’s authorization to attack Syria on Tuesday, September 4. Remarkably, the resolution gives the president sixty days to attack Syria. It doesn’t place any limits on the type of attack, although cruise […]

“They have no souls”

That’s what Patricia Maisch of Arizona said about the United States Senators who failed to vote on legislation broadening background checks on gun purchasers. A majority of Senators were ready to vote in favor of the legislation but that’s not how democracy works in the nation’s capital. In order to have a simple majority vote, […]

How Congress let Monsanto off the hook

Not many people like the messes Congress makes but everybody should see how they’re made.

This article takes a close look at the legislation just passed by Congress and signed by President Obama allowing the Secretary of Agriculture to issue executive orders that bypass regulations, safety, and science for the purpose of speeding genetically modified […]

News on Keystone XL Pipeline – Your future sold for $8 million

(Washington, DC 3/22) Today the United States Senate passed the Hoeven amendment 62 to 37, a non-binding amendment that expresses support for building the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

That’s the U.S. Senate, the chamber of Congress with a Democratic majority.

The planned Keystone XL pipeline would bring tarsands oil from its source in Canada […]

The Deal: Various Responses

Actual legislative language of Senate-passed fiscal cliff deal. ow.ly/gsNPZ

— Bruce Bartlett (@BruceBartlett) January 1, 2013

Zaid Jilani:

Because the payroll tax cut is expiring and the Make Work Pay tax cut is not coming back, most working Americans will also see a tax increase. The most galling thing is that 98 percent […]

In Massachusetts Senate race, Warren and Brown take off the gloves

Washington Post, By Karen Tumulty, September 24

BOSTON — The most closely watched Senate race in the country has taken a sharp turn off the high road.

As Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) and challenger Elizabeth Warren (D) enter the final phase of their exceedingly tight race, each is seeking to undermine the other on the […]