Why is Snowden prosecuted and Clapper sitting pretty?

James W. Clapper, National Intelligence Director

Mark Karlin, Editor of Buzzflash at Truthout asks the right questions about transparency and our public servants (Image: Medill DC)

Not that you likely missed it, but you more likely just accepted in the current status quo natural order of things that the Director of National Intelligence lied […]

Edward Snowden: Forcing Americans out of their slumber, if only for a moment

I’ve found the saga of Edward Snowden to be useful for one reason: it’s forced us to think about how (or if) we strike a balance between privacy and security. It’s a conversation long overdue; as our lives become ever more digital and electronic, there’s an inevitable and corresponding loss of privacy. We’ve mutely acquiesced […]

Waiting For The Other Shoe re: Petraeus: “I’m Telling You There’s More To Do Than With Sex.”

Former CIA operative Robert Baer talks with Piers Morgan re: l’affaire de Petraeus:

I’m telling you there’s more to do than with sex. There’s something going on here which I can’t explain and I think we’re going to find out very soon.


h/t Michael J. Totten