Morning Christie – power breakfast for a bully pulpit

Breakfast of Bullies Austin Kirk

There are so many reasons why this scandal knocks New Jersey Governor Chris Christie out of the 2016 presidential lineup. Christie’s exposure as a flat out bully tops the list. Watch him take apart this poor teacher (below) who challenged him in a Q and A during the campaign. […]

Your morning Christie 2 – lox and bagels

Einstein Bagels

Today’s morning delight features a first rate column by Dana Milbank of the Washington Post, New Jersey Narcissist.

“Things we learned about Chris Christie during his 108-minute apologia:

“I’m a very loyal guy. I’ve worked for the last 12 years in public life developing a reputation for honesty. […]

The perfect storm in Turkey – corruption, conflict, conspiracy

Will Summer protests return to Turkey Jordi Bernabeu Farrús

The Republic of Turkey is consumed by intense conflict, conspiracy charges, and underlying financial problems that simply won’t go away. A perfect storm is brewing in Turkey.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government and supporters are charged with a secret gold-for-oil deal with Iran. The […]

Turkey – Erdogan fights back but for how long?

A horse! A Horse! My kingdom for a horse!

Erdogan campaign banner – will the Sultan abdicate or be forced from his thrown? Image

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has ruled Turkey with a progressively firmer hand since the AKP (Justice and Development Party) took power in 2003. His caustic comments and authoritarian […]

Throw your wife under the bus

Virginia’s First Lady Maureen McDonnell

That may be what Virginia’s Governor Robert (Bob) McDonnell is doing right now. McDonnell and Virginia’s first lady, Maureen McDonnell, attracted the wrong type of attention when the news broke that Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams provided Maureen with $50,000 loan and his sister with a $70,000 loan. The […]

The “Insider” View of the Snowden Leak

While I disagree with a great deal of what is said in tonight’s Nelson Report, I think it is extremely useful to read it to understand how the “insiders” see the leak. They have absolutely no conception of how Main Street sees it. How run of the mill people involved in small scale retail politics […]

Hard Times and Horsemeat: Coming Here?

Andrew Kreig Justice Integrity Project

February 17, 2013

My morning newspaper Feb. 17 provided several depressing reports. I learned more about the spread of horsemeat in Europe’s human food supply. Subscribers read also about austerity measures in the United States that hurt the young, old, and those in between.

The downward developments are worth noting, […]

Pell urged to close order over abuses

Sydney Morning Herald, By Rory Callinan & Josephine Tovey, November 12

More than 70 per cent of the Brothers from the St John of God order are suspected child abusers and the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney should immediately shut it down, says a psychologist who was employed by the order to meet scores of victims.