Levers of Power

What levers of power will Washington and the EU agree to in punishing Russia for formally annexing the Crimea? Will they induce real pain? Or will they enact face saving measures and then go on with business as usual? Is this the end game for Putin and the West? Or is this just the opening […]

Obama pivots on his axis – once evil Iran is now in rehab

The Obama administration appears to be making tentative gestures that acknowledge value of the diplomatic overture by Iran’s new President Mohammed Rouhani. (Image)

Former President George W. Bush and the hacks that wrote his speeches gave us the dreaded axis of evil, three nations devoted to terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Iran, North Korea, […]

Kill for Peace – US and EU Sanctions Deny Medicine to the Critically Ill

Michael Collins

United States and European Union sanctions against Iran prevent much needed medical care for the Iranian people. Those with cancer, for example, have lost the option of treatment through chemotherapy while hemophiliacs are at high risk for any surgery due to a denial of essential pharmaceuticals. There are 85,000 new cases of […]