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Iraqi group claims mortar attack on Saudi Arabia

Shias protect mistreatment in Bahrain by Saudi ally.

Shias protest mistreatment in Bahrain by Saudi ally.

The conflict in Syria is spreading, without any doubt.  Al-Akahbar reports that an Iraqi group fired six mortar rounds into a ” remote area of northeastern Saudi Arabia” as a warning to Saudis about their treatment of Shias.  That would include the Shias in this resource rich area of Saudi Arabia.  It could be seen as the general warning on Saudi actions toward Iran, Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon.  The Saudis have financed and now lead the anti-Syrian government attack seeking to oust President Bashar al-Assad. 

The Saudis seem frenetic lately.  Prince Bandar bin Sultan recently named himself the head of a 50,000 man “extraterritorial military unit” that will fight in the region, e.g., Syria.  The Saudis were said to have an agreement with Israel to support an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, although Riyadh denied the story.

The warning shot from Iraq is a bold move intended to send a message.   We’ll see what Prince Bandar’s militia does about this. 

Full article from Al Akahbar English (Creative Commons)

Al Akahbar English, Lebanon  Published Thursday, November 21, 2013

An Iraqi group claimed Thursday it had fired six mortar rounds that hit a remote area of northeastern Saudi Arabia a day earlier as a warning to the Wahabbi kingdom.

Wathiq al-Battat, head of the pro-Iranian group Jaish al-Mukhtar, told AFP by telephone from Baghdad that the attack was “a warning strike” to Saudi Arabia over its stance towards Shias.

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Talkin’ Gaza on Up With Chris Hayes

Via HuffPo:

For Americans following the Israel-Gaza conflict through mainstream television news, Sunday marked a welcome departure from the frequent unbalanced analysis that has long prevented any meaningful understanding of the situation. MSNBC’s Up With Chris devoted a lengthy segment to the conflict with a guest lineup that actually lent itself to an informative and balanced conversation about the escalating conflict.


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