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The times have changed – Pew Report

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For the first time in American history, non-whites will make up half or more of the next generation, likely pushing Washington toward a bigger government — and the GOP better tone down their anti-government rhetoric if they want to win them, according to a top polling outfit.

At a briefing for congressional aides hosted by the moderate Republican Ripon Society, Pew Research Vice President Michael Dimock said that the trend among younger Americans is support for government programs and acceptance of Democratic Party policies.

“Their tendency is more liberal, their tendency is bigger government,” he said of so-called “millennials” born between 1979 and 1995. They will likely set the trend for the still-unnamed next generation.

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Uncontrollable Boehner and the Bait and Switch Index

Republicans party after big vote

The Money Party’s latest training exercise with live ammunition (aimed at us) is over for a while.  At the last minute, the geniuses in your nation’s capitol got it together long enough to pass a relatively clean budget resolution and raise the debt limit for a few weeks.  The bill also included some intrusive income verification requirements for the Affordable Care Act (ACA)/Obamacare from the people who say they hate the government in their business.

The after-deal spin is simply revolting.  Talking head after head said that Boehner couldn’t control his caucus and decided to let the nihilist wing of the Republican Party (aka tea party) learn a real life lesson in politics.  You see, in addition to being a political hack and philanderer, Boehner is also a great teacher.  He let the forty or so tea party representatives run wild to show them just what happens when you you behave like idiots.  They might as well have said that pigs live in trees,  the founding fathers smoked dope, or something equally ridiculous.  Read More

At our expense

It's the Money Party in action!

It’s the Money Party in action!

The drama of the government shutdown and threatened default on government obligations is entirely unnecessary.  It is also harmful to the people of the United States.  Government workers and contractors are idle and without income.  Their communities feel the economic impact.  The threat of a default is stalling investment and hiring across the country.  And, the world watches and judges as Congress engages in its dangerous games.

The overarching threat is an incremental shutdown of all government services beginning on October 17.  Either the debt ceiling is raised, something that’s been done 78 times since 1960, or the Treasury department begins paying debts from government funds on hand until that money runs out.  It’s not that we lack the money.  This is a tantrum, pure and simple. Read More

Signs that shutdown and debt battle over soon

Controversy and drama draw audiences, readers and viewers.  There’s a built in bias among most of the mainstream media to feed or fabricate the drama of the dangerously idiotic clown show causing the government shutdown and threatening a default by the United States.

There is every reason to believe that our (s)elected officials could do great damage to this country and the rest of the world.  They have in the past.  But not this time.  Here is the clear message from citizens:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (10/9) — With the Republican-controlled House of Representatives engaged in a tense, government-shuttering budgetary standoff against a Democratic president and Senate, the Republican Party is now viewed favorably by 28% of Americans, down from 38% in September. This is the lowest favorable rating measured for either party since Gallup began asking this question in 1992.  Gallup 10/9

When your favorables drop 36% in a few days in October, your unfavorables jump to 62%, and the Big Daddy Warbucks’ of the nihilist rebellion, the Koch Brothers, back in the corner like a pro wrasslin’ bad guy begging for mercy (It wasn’t our idea to defund Obamacare), the message is clear — stop this very offensive behavior or the party is quite literally over.  Read More

Baffling Boehner – Who owns this guy?

boehnerfinThe Speaker of the United States House of Representatives has the power to end the government shutdown and avoid the U.S. entering into default on October 17. Speaker John Boehner refuses to exercise that power.  Why? Who will save us?

There’s only one thing worse than a system of governance rife with corruption.   That’s a system of governance totally infused with ideology.  At least in a corrupt or semi-corrupt system like ours, there’s the possibility that someone or a group of some means can buy the right decision from key legislators.

Take a look at the industry groups that chose John Boehner’s 2012 campaign committee as their number one choice for contributions (see chart):  financial services and Wall Street.  We all know that campaign contributions are legalized bribery.  Politicians take money from big donors and do what they are told to do.  Boehner is a minion of big finance and Wall Street.  At least, he should be.  Read More

Republicans on Crack, Democrats Forget their Job

crack1There can be no doubt that we are ruled by fools.  But, fools on crack are simply unacceptable.

That’s what we have.  The Republican’s aren’t just difficult. They’re not just blinded by their principles.  They’re not just passionate to the point of total unreason.   They are all of these things plus they’re on crack. (Image: dan toye)

Crack:  Crack produces a quick, very intense feeling of euphoria in a rush that lasts about ten minutes.  The comedown is just as intense.  There’s a profound depression after the high.  Frequent use is associated with loss of appetite, insomnia, and paranoia.  Crack users are frequently more agitated than normal between usages.   Crack is highly addictive.

The Republican’s just shut down the government of the United States in the midst of a recession, at a time when the actions of both parties have made the nation the target of hostile nations and groups.

While they claim to be the party of business, the Republicans are staging the equivalent of a sit down strike that profoundly disrupts the business of the United States of America.   There is not one thing that’s businesslike about the shutdown.  Read More

House conservative opposition to Syria attack grows – Central California

Lush fields with Kings Canyon National Park n the background

Lush fields with Kings Canyon National Park n the background

The San Joaquin Valley stretches from Bakersfield, California through Fresno.  Agribusiness is the backbone of the economy and right wing conservative politics have become the norm int he past few decades.  Unlike the fashionable coastal areas, ‘Tea Party’ is not an object of derision in this region, it’s a legitimate political stance.  McClatchy just reported on strong opposition by conservative members of the House from the valley: (Image)

WASHINGTON — San Joaquin Valley congressional Republicans are resisting the Obama administration’s request for authorization to attack Syria, even as lawmakers refine the proposal.

[Representative]Valadao, likewise, said in an interview Wednesday that he was a “lean no,” based on his own questions as well as the apparently widespread skepticism of his constituents in Fresno, Kern, Tulare and Kings counties.

“I’ve had more personal comments to me on this issue than on any other issue, and they’re all saying no,” Valadao said. “They’re fed up with war.”  San Joaquin Valley Republicans skeptical about Syria attack plan, September 4

Read More

Compassion is not weakness…it’s good policy

hhhaNo reasonable person wants others to suffer. At least I used to believe that to be the case. The past few years have shown me that there really is a class of Americans perfectly willing to leave the least among us to fend for themselves. They see the social contract as being a luxury supported by losers and Liberals, a not so very good idea we can no longer afford and that only engenders dependence and sloth. What these advocates of an “every man for himself” world fail to realize is that some public assistance programs have benefits beyond merely looking out for the less fortunate. In some cases, there are actual, provable financial benefits to helping those in need of a hand up (NOTE: NOT the same as a “handout”). This is where my favorite Liberal wonk, Paul Krugman enters the picture.

Krugman makes the argument that not only are those Conservatives who oppose the food stamp program mean-spirited and shortsighted, they’re also missing the boat by denying the benefits that accrue to society from the program. It turns out that food stamps do have some very real benefits….

(Read the full post at What Would Jack Do?)

Debt Ceiling Disaster – Crazy or Criminal?

By Michael Collins

(Washington, DC 1/9/13) Let’s say that on a Monday, you sit down and take a hard look at your finances. Your bills exceed your income, assets are just a feint memory, and there is no relief in sight. Reluctantly, you decide that your only choice is to declare bankruptcy. On Tuesday you say, I think I’ll do some shopping before it’s all over. You proceed to charge $2,000 on your VISA card for some jewelry and other non essentials. On Wednesday, you get a lawyer and file for bankruptcy.

Guess what? You still owe the $2,000 since the court will conclude that you made the purchases fraudulently. You knew you were filing for bankruptcy and made the charges anyway. Even worse, the court may refuse to grant the bankruptcy filing all together as a result of the obvious fraud.

That is exactly what the Republicans in the House of Representatives are doing with their open announcement that they will vote against raising the debt ceiling without their solution to government spending. Since that announcement, has one single deficit hawk stood up and said, We must stop all spending as of this moment since we are proposing to default on those expenditures? Read More

America’s election and the Tea Party

by Cas Mudde

(Originally posted by openDemocracy, republished under a Creative Commons license)

What a difference two years make.After the congressional elections in November 2010, the Tea Party was the talk of the town. Both left-wing and right-wing media pundits declared “the” Tea Party to be the (only) winner, and all focus was on the right’s new stars such as Rand Paul in Kentucky and Marco Rubio in Florida. The new Republican Party kingmakers were Jim De Mint and Sarah Palin, support from whom was claimed to be essential for their fellow Republicans to get elected. It became obligatory to refer to the new legislature as “the Tea Party Congress”. The fact that only one-third of Tea Party-backed candidates had actually been elected was irrelevant. The Tea Party was the new story, and all experts knew that it was here to stay.

An aptly titled Fox News story – “After election victories, Tea Party activists look ahead to 2012” – speculated about the movement’s future. It seemed beyond debate that it was the newly dominant force in United States politics; the question was whether it was going to take over the Republican Party or create a third party. Within a month of the November 2010 elections the answer to that question became clear: helped by massive spending by “astroturf” organisations such as FreedomWorks, and led by members of the Grand Old Party establishment, the Tea Party was steadily integrated into the GOP. But who controlled who?  Read More