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Republicans on Crack, Democrats Forget their Job

crack1There can be no doubt that we are ruled by fools.  But, fools on crack are simply unacceptable.

That’s what we have.  The Republican’s aren’t just difficult. They’re not just blinded by their principles.  They’re not just passionate to the point of total unreason.   They are all of these things plus they’re on crack. (Image: dan toye)

Crack:  Crack produces a quick, very intense feeling of euphoria in a rush that lasts about ten minutes.  The comedown is just as intense.  There’s a profound depression after the high.  Frequent use is associated with loss of appetite, insomnia, and paranoia.  Crack users are frequently more agitated than normal between usages.   Crack is highly addictive.

The Republican’s just shut down the government of the United States in the midst of a recession, at a time when the actions of both parties have made the nation the target of hostile nations and groups.

While they claim to be the party of business, the Republicans are staging the equivalent of a sit down strike that profoundly disrupts the business of the United States of America.   There is not one thing that’s businesslike about the shutdown.  Read More

The recession’s over? When do we get our American Dream back?

Greed is good.

– Gordon Gekko, Wall Street

SAVINGSIt seems as if we spend a good deal of attention span on the recession, or at least the mainstream media’s portrayal of it. If you get your news from the MSM, you’re probably thinking that the economy’s in good shape because the stock market has rebounded and achieving new heights. That’s good news to be sure, but the state of the stock market has little to any impact on the financial stability of mainstream America. The recovery on Wall Street may mean the stock portfolio of those who bring us the news are in better shape, but it does little to improve the lives of those not in high-level corporate positions.

We live in an America in which middle class wages don’t begin to keep pace with the rising cost of living. Millions of America could honestly say that their quality of life is lower that what their parents enjoyed…and many of those same Americans are living with their parents.

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Sequestration Sorrows for Extremist Republicans

May you have incompetent, offensive enemies. 


President Obama and the congressional Democrats have the luck of the Irish, truly.  They’ve already won the Battle of the Fiscal Cliff due to the good judgment of the people.  That judgement takes facts into consideration.  The sequestration process is a blunt instrument wielded by a Frankenstein process that accounts for nothing sensible in terms of solving the main concern of the public; the seriously flawed, destructive economic cycle that is dragging us to a place nobody sensible wants to go. The PEW survey to the left shows that a majority think the economy in general (60%) and the military in particular (55%)  will suffer due to this pathetic process of histrionic policy making.

That puts the wisdom of the people in line with the judgement of over 95% of leading economists surveyed recently who say that “growth is likely to be negatively affected by the automatic federal spending cuts that are scheduled to kick in Friday.”  It makes sense.  The economy is weak, unemployment, all those out of work seeking work, is around 22%, and many citizens are one paycheck away from their own fiscal cliff.

Here are some highly revealing polls and  headlines from around the country late Wednesday, early today.

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Debt Ceiling Disaster – Crazy or Criminal?

By Michael Collins

(Washington, DC 1/9/13) Let’s say that on a Monday, you sit down and take a hard look at your finances. Your bills exceed your income, assets are just a feint memory, and there is no relief in sight. Reluctantly, you decide that your only choice is to declare bankruptcy. On Tuesday you say, I think I’ll do some shopping before it’s all over. You proceed to charge $2,000 on your VISA card for some jewelry and other non essentials. On Wednesday, you get a lawyer and file for bankruptcy.

Guess what? You still owe the $2,000 since the court will conclude that you made the purchases fraudulently. You knew you were filing for bankruptcy and made the charges anyway. Even worse, the court may refuse to grant the bankruptcy filing all together as a result of the obvious fraud.

That is exactly what the Republicans in the House of Representatives are doing with their open announcement that they will vote against raising the debt ceiling without their solution to government spending. Since that announcement, has one single deficit hawk stood up and said, We must stop all spending as of this moment since we are proposing to default on those expenditures? Read More