Memorial Weekend Catblogging: “Remembrance of last year’s cache”

From the Agonist archives of this past year:

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24/7 effort to fix Obamacare websites


Finnegan begin again – Syria and the cycle of recursive violence

James Joyce began Finnegans Wake with this passage:

“riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s from swerve of shore to bend of bay bring us back by a commodious vicus of recirculation back to Howrth Castle and Environs.”

Those sturdy enough to navigate the hallucinogenic, recursive, rhythmic prose to the very last page […]

Before the NYT on the Syria sarin attack, there was the Who Attacked Ghouta blog

The only plausible scenario that fits the evidence is an attack by opposition forces. Following is a description of the main findings, with each one linked to the evidence that backs it. Who Attacked Ghouta blog, Nov 1

The New York Time article casting doubt on the blame Syria interpretation of the chemical weapons […]

Assad will be around says West to Syrian Opposition

Survivor – President Bashar al-Assad, Syria

Reuters just broke an exclusive indicating that the U.S. and NATO powers expect Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to continue as president. Portions of the exclusive are quoted below with comment in italics.

Exclusive: West signals to Syrian opposition Assad may stay Khaled Yacoub Oweis, Dec 18


Reporting from Aleppo, Syria on the looming battle – Dark visions

Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, 2.5 million people.

Reporting from inside Aleppo makes the case for a government offensive, soon.

Shortly after the Syrian government victory at Qusayr, Operation Northern Storm was announced. In conjunction with Hezbollah fighters, the Syrian Arab Army would attack the rebel-controlled section of Syria’s largest city within days of a […]

Denouement in Aleppo – Serious attack on rebels in Syria’s largest city

The recent gains by the Syrian Arab Army near Aleppo positioned the government for a major attack. It appears the attack has commenced. Syrian troops, Hezbollah fighters, and Iranian Revolutionary Guard are openly discussed as part of the battle.

It is worth watching U.S. reaction to the presence of foreign troops on the Syrian side. […]

Bandar beat down – Chief Saudi cleric says fighting in Syria wrong

“This is all wrong, it’s not obligatory [to fight the Syrian government]. These are feuding factions and one should not go there. I do not advise one to go there.” Grand Mufti Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh, Saudi Arabia

After weeks of agitation for increased attacks on the Syrian government and its president, Bashir al-Assad, […]

Good rebels defect to “bad” rebels in northern Syria – bad news for Obama-Kerry

Thirteen “good rebel” groups have defected to the Al Qaeda dominated fighters in the attack on Syria. If this proves out, it is, according to Syria Comment, a very “big deal.” It’s more than that, it is a devastating game changer.

These are leading groups in northern Syria, in and around Aleppo, the next […]

UN to investigate Syrian rebel mass execution

Imagine that. The wonderful, freedom fighters serving NATO-Gulf state interests by destroying Syria have a dark side. They captured Syrian troops then executed them. They are terrorists, dumb ones at that since the video is their undoing.

The UN high commissioner for human rights has called for an investigation into allegations that […]

Just how crazy is Obama’s policy of arming Syrian rebels?

Crazier than her!

And that’s crazy!


“I believe without a shadow of a doubt this is one of the most insane policies that borders on madness – the United States to give funding, training and arms most likely to al Qaida in Syria doesn’t make any sense. This is absolute madness.” Michele Bachmann, […]

Decline and Fall – Euro-Poodles, Latin Tigers, No jobs, and Syria 7/15

We’re shocked, shocked to find that the Americans are spying on us! the European allies say.

Fetch Snowden!!! Euro-Poodles France (left) and Spain were “Best in Show” with President Obama barking orders. (Italy and Portugal were good poodles too.)


Two weeks ago, whistle blower Edward Snowden revealed that the United States […]

Putin Warns British PM About Siding with Cannibals in Syria (and he’s right!)

Every once and a while, the war mongers get their comeuppance. In this case, the message was delivered by a Russian leader. Vladamir Putin just couldn’t resist warning about the perils of supporting cannibals to British PM David Cameron. Putin’s reference is described below along with a justification of the beastly act by the Free […]

Decline and Fall – Preplanned War in Syria and PRISM’s Snowden

A chronicle of the spectacular incompetence of those who purport to lead us

The invasion of Syria – Preplanned?

I don’t know but some interesting evidence surfaced this week that supports a serious look. Roland Dumas, French Foreign Minister under Mitterrand, made some disturbing statements on French television. He said that the British were preparing […]

Qusayr Falls Completely – On to Aleppo for Syria and Hezbollah

Syrian troops along with their Hezbollah allies are in control of the key city of al-Qusayr. The battle began three weeks ago with initial victories by the Syrian government in and around the city of 30,000. Rebel fighters sought reinforcements with some predicting a protracted battle. The reinforcements came, “hundreds of rebel reinforcements professing close […]

Government Wins Key Battle in Syria – Rebels and Supporters Squabble

This is a summary of the latest news out of Syria regarding the battle for Qusayr, the key border town where fighting pitted the Syrian Army and Hezbollah against Syrian rebels, including their foreign fighters. The summary includes speculation on the implications for the future of the Syrian conflict due to the victory of […]