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A Rapper for our Time

cantbegoodOops self delete of the video due to the potential to offend. I’ve debated this with myself after viewing the video a few more times. I think t’s hilarious but self #2 says, Dude, dump the thing, it’s really vulgar.

So after some serious debate (out loud, I might add), I’ve deleted the video in favor of a link to the video. Warning, this is hilarious, but can legitimately be taken as highly offensive. But, it’s off the site.

I have a history of controversial videos, all in good fun. This one, for example, was posted on the site and, despite the saucy theme, met the criteria of good humor and satire. This propensity to post edgy material, albeit not frequently, is either due to to my love of Andy Kaufman or, more likely, Agonist user Graham;), who has a marvelous collection of hilarious videos.