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“Doctor, could I have Obama Derangement Syndrome?”

j1-whizOne of the symptoms of Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) is the pervasive conviction that The Black Guy in the White House © is a closet Muslim who secretly hates the baby Jesus and all things American. Those afflicted with ODS are overwhelmingly convinced thatThe Black Guy in the White House © wishes ultimately to turn America into a socialist, Godless Liberal dictatorship that he’ll eventually hand over to his Islamofascist overlords. They live in mortal fear of words like “Quran” and “Sharia,” because, while they might not know what they mean, they know in their heart of hearts that “ISLAM BAD!!” and “JESUS GOOD!!”

ODS sufferers can be cured only with an injection of reality, which most steadfastly refuse. The delusion that Obama is- despite all his remonstrations to the contrary- a closet Muslim becomes an article of faith, something requiring no proof…because they KNOW it to be true. The latest example of this detachment from anything resembling abject reality is the story related by The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s attempt to out-Drudge The Drudge Report. According to this account, family members of some fallen American soldiers were incensed that a Muslim imam was allowed to pray at their loved ones’ funeral. They evidently believed that the imam’s prayer included a passage condemning the soldiers to Hell….

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Today’ coffee spew moment: Ted Cruz may run for President in 2016

I really hope that you had the good sense to swallow your coffee before reading this…and no, you read it correctly: Ted Cruz really is floating a trial balloon. He’s not denying that he’s considering the possibility of running for President in 2016. The fact that Cruz is the most hated wackjob on Capitol Hill is probably enough to torpedo his Presidential prospects. There is one tiny little detail that Cruz seems willing to gloss over:



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