My Foreign Policy Philosophy In 140 Or Less Characters

This about sums it up for me.

Liberals get upset when Bad Leaders do Bad Things. Realists get upset when liberals don’t anticipate this & do things that encourage it.

— Stephen Walt (@StephenWalt) March 3, 2014

‘Nuff said.

Egypt – How the Generals Manipulated their Adversaries

Al Akahbar-English July 9, 2013 By: Abdel Rahman Youssef Published with Permission

Cairo – No one in Egypt has come out on top over the past two years except the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), both its old and current versions. Ever since the 2011 revolution, the political arena has witnessed intense […]

Chuck Hagel in his own words

The new Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, is the executive in charge of the largest government entity in the world if you combine budget, personnel, equipment, and the 1,000 United States military installations around the globe. The organization is so large; it is hard to imagine the challenge of knowing what one needs to […]