Eight wisdoms from Arundhati Roy

Roy talks with great insight about: Capitalism, activism, Gandhi, non violence etc.

When Roy read from her essay, Listening to Grasshoppers, she said the problem with representative democracy is that there is “too much representation and not enough democracy.” She talked about how corporations have created structures that increase their decision-making power, leaving the rest […]

Compassion is not weakness…it’s good policy

No reasonable person wants others to suffer. At least I used to believe that to be the case. The past few years have shown me that there really is a class of Americans perfectly willing to leave the least among us to fend for themselves. They see the social contract as being a luxury supported […]

Free breakfasts: The latest Liberal plot to recruit and brainwash our precious snowflakes

There are those among us who view virtually any sort of charitable activity as borderline socialism, slowly but surely destroying the fabric of our country by creating a dependent class. That this heartless, inhuman world view is almost too absurd for words almost goes without saying. The cruelty inherent in such a cold, black view […]

The Psychology, Economics and Politics of Luck (VIDEO)

Steve Paikin talks with Ellen Langer, Robert H. Frank, and Mark Kingwell on the psychology, economics and politics of luck:

Sandy Brings Inequality to the Surface

David Rohde with your Hurricane Sandy must-read of the morning:

Divides between the rich and the poor are nothing new in New York, but the storm brought them vividly to the surface. There were residents like me who could invest all of their time and energy into protecting their families. And there were New […]

Every fifth person in Spain lives in poverty, new figures show

McClatchy/DPA, By Sinikka Tarvainen, October 22

Madrid — Every fifth resident lives in poverty in Spain, new figures showed Monday.

The national statistics institute INE said 21.1 percent of the 47 million population lives below the poverty line, meaning they live on less than $9,610 annually.

That is slightly less than a year ago, when […]