City by City, Town By Town in the Ukraine

The Guardian has a city by city guide of pro-Russian takeovers in the Ukraine, here.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians “have a good message” for the diplomatic talks in Geneva. Yay! They have a good PR team. Such awesome:

“We are going to talk, and we probably will have a good message,” Mr. Deshchytsia said about consultations [...]

How’s That R2P Taste Now?

Look: innocent people are going to die. There will be more violence in the Ukraine. It could turn into a civil war. A portion of that blood will be on the hands of the regime running the Ukraine presently. Another portion of that blood will be on the hands of Vladimir Putin. And the last [...]

America’s Grand Strategic Pathway to Catastrophe

This from my buddy Chuck Spinney, by way of prefatory remarks for this post by Yale’s David Bromwich, who has become Obama’s most eloquent and damning critic:

Future historians may well view the 25 year pattern of aggressive behaviour exhibited by the United States since the end of the Cold War to be acts of [...]

Iraq Not As Bad As Crimea?

Look, I’m not a fan of RT. I was once asked to come on one of the shows and I politely declined, which might have been dumb, but I just had qualms about going onto a foreign propaganda outlet funded by a foreign government that is a rival of my own government to bash my [...]

Why Was Obama Elected?

Stunning words (at minute 41:10):

“I think Mr. Obama was the first American president elected by racists. Well meaning racists. People who would be appalled at that thought they were racists. People who went on marches against racism. But they elected him as racists because they looked at the color of his skin and [...]

Levers of Power

What levers of power will Washington and the EU agree to in punishing Russia for formally annexing the Crimea? Will they induce real pain? Or will they enact face saving measures and then go on with business as usual? Is this the end game for Putin and the West? Or is this just the opening [...]

Crimea News

The Crimea is holding a referendum today. Many claim it is illegal, or a sham election. Perhaps it is, but I doubt it is any more of a sham than those held under American auspices in Iraq or Afghanistan. Not to mention our actions in the Balkans serve as a precedent for what is happening [...]

Buffer States

Remember, this could all have been avoided had the US/EU not gone and played regime change in Kiev. A democratically elected and legitimate (albeit assholish and corrupt) man had 13 months left on his term. Why the hurry?

Had the US/EU let the Ukraine be a buffer state we would not be where we are [...]

Obama Knew The CIA Was Spying On The Senate?

So Obama apparently knew the CIA (his agency, as he is the head of the executive branch) was spying on the Senate Committee (which is the legislative branch) that oversees the CIA?

You know, not that it is ever going to happen, but that pretty much fits my personal definition of high crimes and misdemeanors. [...]

Quax Gets Results

See this from tonight’s Nelson Report:

SUMMARY: given that in foreign policy as in love, action speaks louder than words, it seems silly to write that “today Vladimir Putin broke his silence on Ukraine”, but he did give his first public remarks at a Kremlin insider’s press conference in which he managed to sneer at [...]

The View From DC on Russia, Putin and the Ukraine

So, below the fold is tonight’s Nelson Report. Honestly, I just don’t know where to begin, what to say, what I could possible add. We’re clearly at a point in the West, including Merkel, where no one, not a single leader, has the power of imagining themselves in another leader’s shoes. Seriously, Merkel’s leak, as [...]

Quick Question

Here’s the tweet:

President Obama convenes a National Security Council mtg in Sit Room tonight on Ukraine:

— petesouza (@petesouza) March 4, 2014


Infantilizing Narrative

Passing along one tweet with one comment:

The narrative now becomes “is Obama tough enough” as opposed to substantive policy issues: Completely infantilized.

— Sean Paul Kelley (@seanpaulkelley) March 3, 2014

This is what your media does best: infantilize you.

Crimean Update

I have class today. Yes, grad school on a Saturday. So light blogging.

Regardless, the world goes on. Especially in the Crimea. Lot’s happening.

Putin seeks Ukraine troop deployment

Lots of people freaking out about Putin’s request for what is essentially a Russian version of our AUMF, as were requested for Afghanistan and Iraq.

Lots [...]

The Problem is not The POTUS, but The GOTUS.

Okay, I ought really be shoveling the 4 foot drift blocking my one and only egress from my apartment, but instead I wondered over to Ian’s blog. After reading this post I left this comment.

If Obama were truly a dictator you could lay the blame for the increased income disparity at his feet. However, [...]